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Monday, December 22, 2008

The Latest from the RSC About David

RSC statement on David Tennant and Hamlet
22 December 2008

We are very aware of the need to keep people updated about Hamlet at the Novello Theatre.

David Tennant’s doctors are pleased with the progress he is making. His recovery is encouraging so far, and we are not ruling out that he might be able to return to Hamlet during the last week of the run, although we cannot be more specific about the exact date of his possible return.

Edward Bennett will continue in the title role, with Tom Davey, Ricky Champ and Robert Curtis retaining their understudy roles as Laertes, Guildenstern and Lucianus.

David Tennant said today:
"I am so grateful for all the terrific medical attention I have received and although it is frustrating to have to take it easy whilst all my friends and colleagues continue at the Novello Theatre every night, I am aware that I must listen to the experts and take my time.

"I am impatient to be back at work and sincerely hope to make it back some time before the end of the run.

"I am very sorry to disappoint anyone who booked to come and see me in Hamlet, but confident that you will be far from disappointed by Edward Bennett’s performance in the title role. He is one of British theatre’s most promising talents and an opportunity to see his Hamlet, alongside the brilliant ensemble of actors that I have had the great pleasure of working with all year, is very exciting."

We are writing to all ticket holders for performances after 26th December to update them and will post any new information on our website.

All performances of Hamlet will continue as scheduled and therefore refunds will not be issued. As before, patrons will be able to exchange their tickets for other productions in the RSC’s London season at the Novello, subject to availability, or offer their tickets for resale at the Box Office, although we cannot guarantee this will be possible.

It sounds like David is doing what his doctors are telling him to do. Very glad to read that. Even though it sounds like it's frustrating for him, it's best in the long run. Recovery from surgery is something that just can't be hurried along.


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