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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Doctor Who Christmas Confidential 2008

I've uploaded the Christmas Confidential at Blip TV. I must thank Mad Martha at since that's where I downloaded this from. You can watch it here.

If this works well, I'll try uploading other things at Blip TV.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Doctor Who: The Next Doctor (12-25-08)

I've been looking for The Next Doctor on YouTube since yesterday. It seems they have been taking down any uploads of this episode as soon as they can. So I gave up on finding anything there. I finally found a decent upload at Blip TV. I must give thanks to GallifreyTV for posting this.

If you are into torrents, Mad Martha's is here. Mad Martha uploads fantastic torrent files. If you download it, please keep seeding for as long as you can.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

David's Radio Interview on BBC 5 Live (12-22-08)

David did a phone in interview on Simon Mayo's BBC 5 Live show on December 22. David is being interviewed by Phil Williams - who is sitting in for Simon. The other guests are Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer.

Monday, December 22, 2008

The Latest from the RSC About David

RSC statement on David Tennant and Hamlet
22 December 2008

We are very aware of the need to keep people updated about Hamlet at the Novello Theatre.

David Tennant’s doctors are pleased with the progress he is making. His recovery is encouraging so far, and we are not ruling out that he might be able to return to Hamlet during the last week of the run, although we cannot be more specific about the exact date of his possible return.

Edward Bennett will continue in the title role, with Tom Davey, Ricky Champ and Robert Curtis retaining their understudy roles as Laertes, Guildenstern and Lucianus.

David Tennant said today:
"I am so grateful for all the terrific medical attention I have received and although it is frustrating to have to take it easy whilst all my friends and colleagues continue at the Novello Theatre every night, I am aware that I must listen to the experts and take my time.

"I am impatient to be back at work and sincerely hope to make it back some time before the end of the run.

"I am very sorry to disappoint anyone who booked to come and see me in Hamlet, but confident that you will be far from disappointed by Edward Bennett’s performance in the title role. He is one of British theatre’s most promising talents and an opportunity to see his Hamlet, alongside the brilliant ensemble of actors that I have had the great pleasure of working with all year, is very exciting."

We are writing to all ticket holders for performances after 26th December to update them and will post any new information on our website.

All performances of Hamlet will continue as scheduled and therefore refunds will not be issued. As before, patrons will be able to exchange their tickets for other productions in the RSC’s London season at the Novello, subject to availability, or offer their tickets for resale at the Box Office, although we cannot guarantee this will be possible.

It sounds like David is doing what his doctors are telling him to do. Very glad to read that. Even though it sounds like it's frustrating for him, it's best in the long run. Recovery from surgery is something that just can't be hurried along.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Doctor Who Filming to Start on January 19

Tennant expected fit for new Who

By Tim Masters
Entertainment reporter, BBC News

David Tennant is expected to be fit enough to start filming scenes for a Doctor Who special next month, just weeks after surgery on his back.

The show's executive producer, Russell T Davies, said he was "hopeful" Tennant would start filming on 19 January.

"We'll have to be very careful," he said. "I don't think we'll be swinging him on a wire on his first day back."

The actor's back injury has forced him out of a London stage production of Hamlet until after Christmas.

Davies, who was speaking at the press launch of BBC One's Christmas Doctor Who special, The Next Doctor, said there would be no re-writes on the next story to cut down on Tennant's action scenes.

"No, there's been none of that, and I think David would have told us by now because he's read the first script."

He said the production was insured in case Tennant was still recuperating when filming resumed.

Neither Tennant nor David Morrissey - who plays "The Next Doctor" - attended the launch.

The Christmas story sees them team up to battle a threat from the Cybermen in London on a snowy Christmas Eve in 1851.

The episode also stars Dervla Kirwan, who plays evil workhouse matron Miss Hartigan.

Warning - potential spoilers ahead: Please do not read any further if you do not wish to know more about The Next Doctor or next year's specials

The story introduces some new variations on the Cybermen: the dog-like Cybershades and the CyberKing.

It also features a mystery surrounding a man named Jackson Lake, the Doctor taking a trip in the other Doctor's Tardis and a new kind of sonic screwdriver.

Davies revealed that the first of next year's Doctor Who specials will be filmed abroad.

"It's going to be quite exotic," he said. "I can't tell you where, but we've got four days filming abroad, to give it a bit of size and a new feel to it."

He added there was also a "great guest star".

Tennant announced in October that he would stand down as the Doctor after filming the four special episodes in 2009.

'Big climax'

Davies said each special would feature a different companion and that he would write Tennant's two final stories which would be broadcast "toward the end of next year".

"The big climax is mine, all mine," he said.

He added that the production team for the 2010 series of Doctor Who were "auditioning or looking" for a new Doctor.

"I think it could be a while - it's a very big deal to set up. Whoever becomes the Doctor has got to take on a whole life. It's not just becoming a part of a TV show," he said.

I had read a rumor in the past about an episode being filmed in the U.S. I can't imagine Russell T Davies describing the U.S. as exotic though. I wonder where it's being filmed.

I hope David is feeling well when he's filming. Back surgery seems like it wouldn't be the easiest operation to recover from. He's going to have to take good care of himself.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

David is Out and About

Doctor Who and Hamlet star David Tennant in first outing after back surgery

Doctor Who star David Tennant has ventured out for the first time since back surgery forced him to withdraw from the West End production of Hamlet.

By Anita Singh, Showbusiness Editor
Last Updated: 10:49PM GMT 17 Dec 2008

Tennant, 37, was photographed on a trip to the local shops near his North London home.

The actor was wrapped up against the cold in a stripey scarf not dissimilar to the one worn by Tom Baker's Doctor Who in the 1970s.

The pictures of Tennant out and about will be a welcome sight for fans awaiting his return to the stage.

He underwent surgery for a prolapsed disc last week, spelling disappointment for thousands who paid to see him in the Royal Shakespeare Company's production of Hamlet at London's Novello Theatre. Tickets for the run sold out in a single day and the RSC is not offering refunds.

He will be out until after Christmas, and understudy Ed Bennett is playing the lead role. The injury had already caused Tennant to miss the official opening night and the last preview performance.

The actor said at the time: "It is hugely disappointing for me to have to miss these performances. My back problem has progressed to the point where it is currently impossible for me to carry on without surgery. I want to get back onstage as quickly as possible."

Tennant is still recuperating and will miss a preview screening of the latest Doctor Who special, which airs on Christmas Day. The episode co-stars David Morrissey and is intriguingly titled The Next Doctor, leading to speculation that Morrissey will take over when Tennant quits at the end of next year.

I've been wondering how David has been doing. This is the first I've read about him since he texted Christian O'Connell. It's nice to see him up and around.

Friday, December 12, 2008

David Texts A Song Request

According to David texted Christian O'Connell this morning with a request for Letter From America by The Proclaimers and said he was doing well after his surgery. He had been listening to the show on Absolute Radio over the internet. You can listen to The Breakfast Show's Choice Cuts here.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

David Doing Well

David's surgery is done and the word is that all went well.

Sign the Hamlet DVD Petition

Someone has a petition for the RSC to put Hamlet out on DVD. I don't know if this will have any influence on the RSC, but it's worth a try. Show your support for a DVD by signing the Hamlet DVD Petition.

Say Get Well to David

You can send David a get well message on the David Tennant Forum. The Get Well Soon Thread is under the forum named David in the Theatre. If you aren't already a member, you'll have to register to post your message.

If you would like to send David a get well card or present, his fan mail address is:

David Tennant
c/o Independent Talent Group
Oxford House
76 Oxford Street

David Having Back Surgery Today

Doctor's orders: David Tennant quits Hamlet role for back surgery

For half the Doctor Who fans who queued overnight, crashed booking websites and jammed ticket hotlines to see David Tennant play Hamlet, it is sadly not to be.

The RSC confirmed yesterday that the actor would not be returning to the Novello Theatre stage in the West End before Christmas. He has a prolapsed disc and will undergo surgery today.

In his stead Edward Bennett, 29, a relative unknown who was due to be playing Laertes, will continue to perform the most coveted role in English drama.

Bennett received a standing ovation on Monday night and again on Tuesday when he filled in for Tennant with three hours’ notice, attracting warm reviews from the critics. He emerged wide-eyed from rehearsals yesterday to say that he was thrilled to have the opportunity to play the Prince of Denmark, but said that Tennant was a “scary” act to follow.

“It’s a dream part to do and it’s amazing, but you don’t want him to be away and you don’t want him to be sick.”

Tennant, 37, has suffered from a “niggling” back injury for some time but had ignored it, thinking that there was no point in seeking medical help for an occasional twinge. On the set of Doctor Who he was renowned for his athleticism and for performing his own stunts. He played Hamlet 60 times at Stratford-upon-Avon in the summer before the West End transfer, without missing a single performance.

A spokesman for the Royal Shakespeare Company said: “The problem has been around for a while, certainly before he was with this production. I don’t think even he knows when it started.”

Tennant saw a specialist on Tuesday and again yesterday. Last night he said: “It is hugely disappointing for me to have to miss these performances. My back problem has progressed to the point where it is currently impossible for me to carry on without surgery. I want to get back on stage as quickly as possible and I am very grateful to Ed who has courageously got to grips with the role but in a much shorter time. It’s a fantastic achievement.”

By Christmas, Tennant will have missed 14 of the scheduled performances not counting previews, with a further 14 still to come.

He has proved a box-office sensation as Hamlet, with all 6,000 available tickets for the London shows selling out in three hours in September.

However, the run at the Novello is due to finish on January 10, four months before Jude Law, another Hamlet with huge crossover appeal, attempts to stamp his own personality on the role at the Wyndhams Theatre a few hundred yards to the west.

Michael Boyd, the artistic director of the RSC, said: “We all wish David a speedy recovery and it is an indication of the RSC’s investment in under-studies that Ed Bennett can take over Shakespeare’s largest role at such short notice.”

Although the production’s popular appeal was hugely enhanced by the casting of Tennant, the RSC and Delfont Mackintosh Theatres have refused to offer refunds. The RSC said: “The company has a fully rehearsed understudy policy and performances will continue as scheduled. The company is able to offer exchanges, subject to availability, for other RSC London performances during this season at the Novello Theatre. Patrons are also able to offer tickets for resale, subject to the usual terms and conditions.”

Viagogo, the biggest online ticket reseller, said that tickets for the show, which originally sold for between £5 and £40, had been changing hands for upwards of £300.

The statement of "I don’t think even he knows when it started" makes me wonder if he even injured himself at all. It's possible it could be in his genes according to this article given as a related link in the above story.

Whatever the cause of his back problem, I wish David a speedy recovery. I hope he doesn't try to do too much too soon. Even though he hates disappointing his fans and wants to be on stage as soon as possible, he should do exactly what his doctors tell him.....even if it means he misses all the rest of the performances. His health is much more important.

I was thinking.....if I had a ticket to see Hamlet during David's time off, I would still go see it. I know it would be disappointing to miss David's Hamlet, but I'd still get to see Patrick Stewart and maybe find some other new fantastic actors too. And, it still would be a great treat to see the whole production. In a way, it would be my way of showing my support of David. I don't know if this makes any sense, but that's the way I feel about it.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

David Not in Tonight's Hamlet

RSC's Hamlet Opens Dec. 9 Without Its Star; Bennett Goes on for Tennant

The transfer of the RSC's Stratford-upon-Avon production of Hamlet to the West End's Novello Theatre officially opens Dec. 9 without its star, David Tennant, in the title role.

Due to a back injury suffered by Tennant, understudy Edward Bennett will perform in the production, which began previews Dec. 3. Bennett also played the role at the Dec. 8 performance of Hamlet; he normally plays the role of Laertes.

In a statement RSC artistic director Michael Boyd said, "As an ensemble company we feel that it is important to go ahead with tonight's performance. While understanding that some people will be disappointed at not seeing David Tennant on stage, this production, like all our productions, is more than the sum of its parts – an ensemble of actors, designers, composers etc. and we should respect that by going ahead as planned."

RSC chief associate director Gregory Doran, who directed the production, added, "David is gutted, not only at the thought of disappointing audiences, but also to be unable to perform a role that he has worked on and developed throughout 60 performances in Stratford-upon-Avon. Before this injury, he has only ever been off for one performance in his entire career to date, and is hoping that he will be able to return to the show as quickly as possible. It is an indication of the RSC's investment in understudies that Ed Bennett can take over from David in one of Shakespeare's largest roles at such short notice."

Edward Bennett has also been seen in Othello at the Donmar Warehouse, Little Neil and Pygmalion at Theatre Royal Bath, and Nan and Skin Game at Richmond Orange Tree, among others. His screen credits include "Friends Just United," "After Your Gone" and "Silent Witness."

At the Dec. 9 performance Tom Davey will take on the role of Laertes, Ricky Champ will be Guildenstern and Robert Curtis will play Lucianus.

Also featured in the cast are Patrick Stewart and Penny Downie as, respectively, Claudius and Gertrude, and Oliver Ford Davies as Polonius.

The production also includes David Ajala (Reynaldo), Sam Alexander (Rosencrantz/Second Gravedigger), Ricky Champ (Lucianus) Ewen Cummins (Barnardo), Robert Curtis (Francisco), Tom Davey (Guildenstern), Peter De Jersey (Horatio), Samuel Dutton (Lord), Ryan Gage (Osric), Mariah Gale (Ophelia), Mark Hadfield (Gravedigger), Jim Hooper (Priest), Keith Osborn (Marcellus), Roderick Smith (Lord and Captain), Andrea Harris (Lady), Riann Steele (Lady), Zoe Thorne (Lady and Player) and John Woodvine (Player King).

The production originally opened at Stratford-upon-Avon's Courtyard Theatre Aug. 5, following previews from July 24, and ran in repertory to Nov. 15.

The entire run to Jan. 10, 2009, is sold out. To inquire about returns, contact the box office at 0844 482 5135. For further details visit

I wonder when he hurt his back. I hope it isn't something he'll have trouble with for a long time. I'm sending David my healing thoughts through the internet....too bad it can't work to heal him like using the satellites helped the Doctor in Last of the Time Lords.

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