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Saturday, November 15, 2008

They Butchered 'Voyage Of The Damned'

If you want to see 'Voyage Of The Damned' don't bother watching BBC America's cut down hour long version. Missing scenes include the passengers' visit to Earth, seeing the TARDIS floating to Earth, Morvin and Foon talking while fixing the Host, the survivors taking a rest while eating, Astrid kissing the Doctor, the ENTIRE ENDING of the just stops after the Doctor sits down next to Midshipman Frame after he's stopped the Titanic from crashing.

Any kind of real feelings between the Doctor and Astrid are entirely cut out of the episode. There's no flirty moment when the Doctor says 'You should see me in the mornings' and Astrid replies 'Okay'. There's no moment when Astrid asks 'Can I come with you?' and the Doctor says 'Yeah. I'd like that'. There's no attempt by the Doctor to bring Astrid back by using the teleport and then kissing her before he turns her into stardust so she can travel forever. The whole heart of the episode is entirely cut out. Such wonderful Doctor moments only David can do so well are gone.

If you want to see 'Voyage Of The Damned' the way it's meant to be viewed, be sure to get the series 4 DVDs.......or you could find a torrent to download. ;-)


VAWhovian said...

They didn't just butcher VotD, they completely mutilated it! Ugh! I punished myself and watched it twice to make sure they didn't just make a mistake.

I'm done being punished. I'm sure BBC America has received an onslaught of mail about how they edited this wonder episode. Without explaining the ending completely, who will understand about Mr. Copper?

Mels said...

The very first time they showed it, followed by the Graham Norton fake out, it ran in an hour and a half slot and included most of the epi (with the usual SciFi Channel cuts), but from there on out, it ran in an hour slot, hence the massacre.

Anonymous said...

Be careful about buying them on Itunes, also. They are not the full versions on there (at least not on the US itunes). I hate the way they hack them up for TV. They hacked the crap out of "Fires of Pompeii" also.
On Sci fi channel, they cut out the whole running thru the town scene and the ending with the household gods.

Sharon Brown said...

I never understand why EVERY Doctor Who has to run in an hour's time slot on SciFi and BBC America. There surely can be an exception to the longer episodes.....which are the Christmas specials. Why they are always cut down after the first day or weekend they are shown is beyond me Mels.

I never knew about the cuts in the iTunes downloads. I'll just stick to watching them on YouTube, downloading torrents and buying the DVDs.

Anonymous said...

Itunes had a lot of comments from people who bought the eps and said that they were edited. Itunes has the runtime for VOTD at 112 min. Sooo...
I'm not sure. I can't tell for sure because the 3 that I have from Itunes I have never seen on anything other than American tv. I guess just keep an eye out. :)
Ps-love your site!

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