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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Listen to David on Radio

David will be doing a couple of radio interviews to promote 'Einstein and Eddington' on Friday, November 21. First up is an appearance on 'The Christian O'Connell Show' on Absolute Radio in the 9AM GMT hour. Later, he'll be on 'Front Row' on BBC Radio 4 at 7:15PM GMT.

You can listen to the best bits from Christian O'Connell's show afterwards here. BBC Radio 4's 'Front Row' will be available to replay for 7 days here.

1 Comment:

Freya said...

Hi, just listened to the edited version of the breakfast show. David seemed his lovely ,charming self as usual. Felt so sorry for him when he was asked about his lovelife, he really likes to keep things under wraps.He did answer "yeah" when asked if his lovelife was going well so i guess we can take it that he is with Little Miss Moffett :)

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