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Saturday, October 25, 2008


Doctor Who festive teaser planned

A two-minute teaser clip from this year's Doctor Who Christmas special is to be shown during the BBC's Children in Need charity evening next month.

Viewers will see the opening moments of The Next Doctor, which again features David Tennant in the title role, alongside guest star David Morrissey.

The snippet will be broadcast on BBC One on Friday, 14 November.

The festive schedule has yet to be confirmed but the Doctor Who special is usually screened on Christmas Day.

Last year's edition - featuring singer Kylie Minogue - was seen by 13.3m people.

This made it the second-highest audience of the year, behind the EastEnders Christmas episode.

Further guests and plot teasers are likely to be revealed in the run-up to the festive season.

I have no doubt that this clip will turn up on YouTube by November 14.

1 Comment:

Sarah said...

although i'm dying to see it, the title of this episode makes me sad...
i don't want David to go.. i discovered Dr Who with him... he is MY Doctor and the show won't be the same when he's gone...
I know, it's childish.... (i'm 35) but bear with me, i just had to say it !! :)

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