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Thursday, October 30, 2008


I'm still having a hard time wrapping my head around David leaving. I hate to think what kind of shape I'll be in when I see his final scene. I imagine I'll be through a box of kleenex before the first half of his last episode.

Even though I'm down about it, I find myself looking forward to all his future acting roles. I've read 'Einstein and Eddington' is being broadcast sometime in November. Who knows, maybe there will be a movie version of 'Hamlet'.....I sure hope there's a movie. Whatever David does, I know it will be well worth watching!


Anonymous said...

So many people are feeling the same way, Sharon, but like you say we can look forward to all his future roles and know that he will always be absolutely brilliant...and of course we have alot of his work including his Doctor Who on DVD.

Anonymous said...

I was so gobsmacked to hear that DT leaves the Show, Doctor Who.
It made me sad, so sad.
I think I don't prepare myself to accept that kind of news and let the 10th Doctor go. Even though I can see him in 2009, I already miss him. David Tennant is the perfect Doctor. As for now, I can't imagine any other Doctor who replaces him.

When DT told us he will leave the show at NTAs, I thought it was prank stuff at first...By the way, why did he announce his departure as accepting his award in live link from Stratford? Why?

sarah said...

Well, maybe annoucong that while being the Prince of Denmark made it a bit less sad... It somewhat shows that life goes on and that there'll be other great roles for him to play...
I think it would have been even more terrible to read it in an official press release or something.. The fact that he chose to announce it himself, and a year in advance, and saying that he would basically miss it as much as we will, was sweet i think... It was probably the more "painless" way of saying it :)

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