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Friday, September 19, 2008


Cameron McEwan has posted a review of Hamlet on his "Stuff On TV" blog. His somewhat humorous review is well worth are his captions for the pictures. And, don't forget to read the comments so you can read Arwyn's very insightful thoughts after seeing Hamlet.

It's so interesting reading all the different things people say after seeing Hamlet. It's like I'm getting a chance to view it all through their eyes. Wonderful stuff!

I'm hoping a producer comes forth since Cameron "overheard a discussion involving a member of staff who stated that the only 'thing' in the way of a DVD release was a producer - they need to acquire one." That's the only way I'll ever be able to see David's Hamlet so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

1 Comment:

Cameron McEwan said...

Thanks for the mention, much appreciated!

To further fuel the DVD debate, some websites are listing a DVD called 'Hamlet' coming out in January. Sadly, none of them have any details so it's impossible to tell if it is the current RSC version.

Here's hoping!

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