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Saturday, August 9, 2008


Who fans drive Tennant out

DOCTOR Who star David Tennant was forced to walk out of co-star Catherine Tate's new play, in London's West End after a group of sci-fi fans began disrupting it, it was reported today.

The Bathgate-born star, 37, was attending a performance of Tate's show Under the Blue Sky, but walked out when fans in the audience started humming the Doctor Who theme tune.
Has anyone read anything else about this? Please tell me this isn't true.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I read about this in another article earlier this evening. Apparently they were singing/humming the Doctor Who theme song and waving sonic screwdrivers about, and making complete asses of themselves.

Utterly disgusting. I feel horrible for both Catherine and David that they have to endure this type of rude behavior. How truly sad that David can't do something as simple and supportive as attend a friend's play without inconsiderate idiots ruining things.

Anonymous said...

I hadn't heard that. But I thought he looked awful upset in the one photo, where they are walking. I thought it just might be that the photogs had got them.

Anonymous said...

yeah this is true, he was being really nice the who fans whilst the play was on standby or watever and when it started they started to sing the doctor who theme tune and play with the sonic screwdrivers, and he got really annoyed by them, and thought the only thing he cud do to stop it was to leave the show! so not fair on david tennant! leave him alone who fans, i no its hard but ul see him soon on doctor who x

Sharon Brown said...

This makes me feel very bad for David.....and for Catherine Tate and Georgia Moffett. I can't understand why people would act like such idiots.

If I were lucky enough to be in an audience with him, I'd be thrilled to sit there quietly. Just being able to be near him for a whole play would make my day.

Anonymous said...

This is NOT true. This did NOT happen. I know people who were at the play that night and they were shocked by this fake story. The photos of David and Georgia were taken AFTER the play, when they were leaving. Papparazi spotted them (due to some fans who were asking for autographs, apparently) when the couple and two others they were attending the show with, went around to the stage door to speak with Catherine Tate.

Neveieve everything you read. The fake stories about David are crawling out of the woodwork these days! Must not be much else for the poor column writers to do.

Sharon Brown said...

I'm so, so glad this isn't true. It's good to know they were able to watch Catherine's play in peace.

I know there are a lot of false stories going around about every famous person on the planet. The only way to sort through all the falsehoods is to find the correct version from someone who has witnessed the actual events.

Thanks for setting this story straight.

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