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Monday, August 25, 2008


Emigrate! Emigrate! Dr's US trip

Two of next year’s four specials to be filmed in America

DOCTOR Who is filming two of next year’s four specials in AMERICA—in a move that will boost David Tennant’s career Stateside.

The shows will be the 37-year-old star’s last, then the Doc will regenerate into another actor.

Viewers will see David arrive in the US to save the world with a BIG-NAME American female assistant.

Series chiefs are also planning a Doctor Who movie—but it is not known who will be the lead.

A BBC source said: “Doctor Who already has a huge following in the States. It’s on the Sci Fi channel and is watched by millions of people there every week.

“But two specials in America, with a US setting and a US assistant, will take it to another level. David Tennant is already gaining a huge following and this will make him really hot property.” The four specials will also be the final episodes for show boss Russell T Davies.

He is handing the reins to producer Stephen Moffat for the next series, in 2010. The insider added: “Russell is determined to go out with a bang and the specials will be explosive.

“We’re spending much more money on them than normal.”

Moffat is working on a Doctor Who film—and would love to get legendary director Steven Spielberg involved.

He said: “It would be great to see it in the cinemas—as long as it doesn’t get in the way of the show.”

This makes me happy and sad at the same time. It will be great for David's American fans to see him here, but I don't want to see him go after the specials. It would be great if David would end up staying in America for awhile, but I'm getting a bit too hopeful.


Robyn S (from Texas) said...

Is News of the World a "legit" tabloid? I know next to nothing about UK papers/tabs - the only News of the World I know of regularly has stories of alien babies, Elvis, and the apocalypse....

I would LOVE to see him film in the US though (Houston, Dallas, Austin? Please?)

Anonymous said...

I am sorry, if this is insulting: but why? Why USA? Why big-name-companion? This isn`t very Doctor Who! And why Tennant goes? That is so sad!

Carole said...

I'd take this story with a VERY large pinch of salt!
The News Of The World is known over here as a 'rag'...a VERY unreliable source for information on ANYTHING!

Anonymous said...

I am really happy for David Tennant going to america and earning a bigger title, but also sad because i know he wile grow fonder of the big time in america and hollywood and leave his british fans behind :(:(

solarflar3 said...

The National Enquirer has a better reputation for reliability in the UK than the News of the World! I will believe that David Tennant is leaving when he says so himself.

As for the US, well the BBC is notorious for keeping budgets down. While there might be a US based story in future (already had one in series 3), I can't see the whole cast being relocated there to film. I would be quite surprised if the Doctor gets an American companion too, but you never know, stranger things have happened!

Jaye said...

David has said he wants to be as enigmatic about his tenure as the Doctor for as long as possible, so I will believe he's leaving when he says it's so.

Jennifer said...

I too am not in the crowd that totally takes this truthfully, though I'd like to believe it as an American fan (would actually give me a chance, though a quite slight one, that I might be able to catch them filming.).

...I always thought they should have a episode dealing with NASA... but that's probably because I live (when I'm at home and not away at school) right by where they launch the shuttles.

And if he does leave. That would actually make the idea of them transferring the production of Hamlet he's in to New York, more plausable, and possible. Which also makes me happy.

Anonymous said...

The only reason UK fans find episodes filmed in the USA "insulting" is bigotry. They hate Americans, for what reason I fail to understand. I love my UK pals.

If you are OK with filming in Rome, what's the problem with the US? Too many NEW Dr who fans suck. Too many you lot are mean and nasty and disreepsctful and everything we "OLD" fans are NOT. Go away, and don't come back into you get your act together and learn to show some intelligence and respect for other human beings. You are dragging the Whovian movement down into the sewers with your mean-spirited comments.

playwrite27 said...

Anonymous: Why is this "insulting?" you lot had no problem with filming in ITALY? Stop being a bigot! You NEW FANS are dragging Whovianism into the sewers with your disrespectful mean, and deliberately stupid remarks.

I'm sorry you hate America, but tough cheese. We all have our hates and loves, but I am a 25 year American devotee to the show, why do you hate me? I've done nothing to you! I don't even like George Bush and have been against the war since Day One, so what's YOUR problem, ey? Doctor Who is anti-racist, so maybe you should quite watching! You don't belong with us.

Sophie said...

Calm down everyone! This story may not even be true, let's wait and see if the BBC confirms this as factual.

adreamabove said...

If this article is true... as another 25-year-old American fan, I do appreciate their attempts at international representation, but I watch DW because it is a BBC production. I enjoy learning about another culture (even if I do have to keep the subtitles on) and exploring European landmarks throughout history. The one American episode they included was rather... rubbish, but that's just my opinion. I'm a very proud third-generation American (who didn't appreciate the not-so-subtle jabs at our president in the S3 conclusion, btw) but would rather not see an American companion or setting. It just seems incongruous with everything the show stands for.

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