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Friday, August 8, 2008


Doctor Love: David Tennant enjoys a romantic night out with co-star girlfriend

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 8:50 AM on 08th August 2008

Just two nights after debuting in the title role of a new production of Hamlet, David Tennant was back at the theatre.

But this time the actor wasn't treading the boards.

Instead, Tennant and his Doctor Who co-star and girlfriend Georgia Moffett were lending moral support to another star of the hit TV show, Catherine Tate, appearing in play Under The Blue Sky.

Love lord: David Tennant leaves a West End theatre
with his girlfriend Georgia Moffett

When the private couple left the Duke Of York's Theatre in the West End district of London they made a mad dash for a taxi.

They has been dating for the last couple of months.

Miss Moffett, a 23-year-old single mother, is the fourth Doctor Who colleague Tennant has romanced. Bizarely, she plays his onscreen daughter on the show.

Weeks earlier, he split with another BBC Wales staff member, Bethan Britton, after a four-month relationship.

When the pair met she had been working in the corporation's contracts office in the city.

Searching for a taxi:The couple
leaves the Duke of York theatre

He was also linked to Kylie Minogue after the pop star appeared in Doctor Who's Christmas special, in which they passionately kissed.

Last October, Tennant parted ways with actress Sophia Myles after a two-year relationship, following her move to Hollywood.

They, too, met on set - when Miss Myles played Madame de Pompadour in a 2006 Dr Who episode.

Miss Moffett played the Time Lord's child Jenny in episode six of the most recent series entitled The Doctor's Daughter and while it was a one-off appearance, the opportunity for her to return in later shows has been left open.

The actress, who has a six-year-old son named Tyler from a previous relationship, revealed after first meeting Tennant: 'David is dishy, isn't he?

'He's not only a good-looking but he is such a lovely, sweet guy.'

Mr Tennant has been nursing his personal heartache after his mother Helen died after a five-year battle with cancer last summer.

I remember the pictures of when David was dating Sophia Myles. He and Sophia would have their arms around one another and look at one another like they really were a couple. I don't see this with David and Georgia. I wonder if there really is anything going on other than friendship. Or, is it that they are trying to downplay their relationship???


Lisa said...

A bit like the real doctor,isn't he, flitting from companion to companion. Perhaps Sophia is his Rose.

Carole said...

I don't think this was a 'hand holding' moment,if you know what i mean...with Sophia there was always the 'pic opportunity' there...but here he is being 'papped'...i read somewhere that they were holding hands,fingers intertwined and Georgia had her head on his shoulder inside the theatre when they went backstage to see Catherine.But personally,i'm undecided about the whole 'relationship'....other pics of them in the taxi have David looking quite 'smitten'.Yes,she does love putting on the 'slap'...I'm insanely jealous,of course..and i'll admit it!..(:

Diva_Dannie said...

I'm not totally sure eitha if georgia iz wit david, mayb he jus wants company now'n'then 4rom hiz close female friendz. He iz such good/close friendz wit Kylie & lotz of other people 2, he workz wit quite a few woman on set & makez very good friendz wit'm az u havta work as teamz & get along 2make it a good & fun job, so it'z al guessy-guessy 2me most the time. he haz taken quite a few different woman owt but al them cud b romantic 1'z, sum az close friendz and sum previous datez, but it'z very clear & obvious 2 c that david luvz the female attention, luv david 4eva xx

Diva_Dannie said...

i woz menna rite: but sum may not b romantic, they mayb sum nightz owt/dinners that r him wit close gal palz, i luv david, i think it'z absolutely brilliant!! :)

Jiyoon S said... general I don't think Tennant and Moffett make a good picture together. They just don't go together, and I can't help thinking "accesorry/trophy girlfriend" or something along that line. Sorry!!

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