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Saturday, July 19, 2008


Tennant offered £1.5 million 'Who' deal?

Friday, July 18 2008, 17:42 BST
By Simon Reynolds, Entertainment Reporter

David Tennant has been offered a £1.5 million deal to stay on as Doctor Who, according to The Sun.

The BBC had feared he could depart the role after filming four special episodes. The broadcaster has reportedly tabled a "massive bid" to persuade the actor to continue as the Time Lord for the fifth series, scheduled to air in 2010.

A source revealed that Tennant will decide on his future after he meets with new executive producer Steven Moffatt.

"It will be a new team and David has to meet everyone to make a final decision," the insider said. "But we're gearing up to offer him a massive deal. He's interested. Everyone thought he was going, but it’s not as open and shut as that."

Tennant, who recently completed filming on the Christmas special, will shortly star in a Royal Shakespeare Company production of Hamlet.

£1.5 million amounts to about $3 million! I sure hope he stays.

1 Comment: said...

I hope he stays! Oh, I hope he stays. But I'm sure he will. He'd have to be out of his mind to turn down that kind of money doing a show he clearly loves very much!

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