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Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Doctor Who's Journey Won't End With A Whimper For Americans

Good news! The massive 65-minute season finale of time-travel drama Doctor Who, "Journey's End," will not be edited when it appears on the Sci Fi Channel in August. Sci Fi Channel reps tell io9 that the episode will appear as a 90-minute special instead, which means that whatever happens to make you bawl like a baby (according to writer Russell T. Davies) will have its full impact. Yay for Sci Fi!

It's about time Sci-Fi showed an uncut episode!


VAWhovian said...

Are you serious????? NO edits on SciFi? You mean we yanks FINALLY get our wish?????

I hear a choir of angels (not the weeping ones because they wouldn't weep about something like this) singing the Hallelujah Chorus.

This is total squeeness!

Anonymous said...

I agree! FINALLY we Americans get to see an uncut Doctor Who!!!! I am ELATED!

jomar said...

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VAWhovian said...

I watched it when I got home This morning (thank you TiVo). Let me say that I was sooooooooo relieved that they stuck to their word! I was quite happy to sit and watch the last episode and bawl my eyes out like I did when it aired in the (cough) UK

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