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Monday, July 14, 2008


BBC Two unveils its Autumn 2008 highlights

Einstein and Eddington

David Tennant and Andy Serkis star in this drama set amid the chaos and uncertainty of the First World War. Einstein And Eddington chronicles the interlinked stories of two extraordinary men striving for a greater truth while refusing to be constrained by national boundaries.

Albert Einstein (Serkis) spent years working on his General Theory of Relativity, which threatened to overturn two centuries of Newtonian certainty and the foundations of British science. Arthur Eddington (Tennant) was a prominent British astrophysicist who, as a Quaker, believed that "truth knows no boundaries" and bravely championed Einstein’s theories while Britain rejected anything German.

In 1919, Eddington undertook an expedition to Africa to photograph light bending round the sun during an eclipse. These photographs not only proved the theory to be correct, but turned Einstein into a worldwide superstar.

Directed by Philip Martin (Prime Suspect – The Final Act) and written by Peter Moffat (Hawking), Einstein And Eddington co-stars Jim Broadbent, Lucy Cohu, Jodhi May and Rebecca Hall.

View a preview provided by Blogter Who

I've read that this will be shown on HBO in America since it's an HBO Films and BBC joint project, but I haven't seen anything about when HBO will broadcast it.


Anonymous said...

It is finally on air in Autumn.
I've been waiting for this drama to be aired....
Thank you for information.

Anonymous said...

The preview looks great. I can't wait for this film to show on either HBO or BBC America. Thank you for providing this video.

melissa said...

This does look great! But I don't know if I want to see Einstein have sex!!! ;)

Sharon Brown said...

I'd rather see Eddington have sex!

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