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Thursday, June 26, 2008


Doctor Who star set to get £1.3m to stay

THE BBC is rumoured to be ready to pay David Tennant a massive £1.3 million to carry on as Doctor Who.

The Bathgate-born actor is expected to be offered a new deal worth up to £100,000 per episode.

And he could also be offered other drama projects in a bid to keep him on board.

BBC bosses are desperate to stop the 37-year-old from quitting the show, which attracts up to eight million viewers.

One senior BBC source was quoted saying: "Everyone assumes David is quitting but that's not the case. We're hoping he will be back.

"The situation as it stands is that no deal has been discussed yet for the next series of Doctor Who. That, however, is about to change.

"David is brilliant in the role and naturally we hope he will continue. We're not considering anyone else at this time."

Tennant said: "I've been asked when I'm quitting since the first day I took the part. I've not quit – I've just not been offered another deal yet."

This possible deal has nothing to do with the four specials next year. The article is about series 5.......the year after the specials.

I'm hoping he'll stay for at least another year after the specials. It sure will be hard to find someone to play Doctor #11. David's going to be a tough act to follow for any actor.


Carole said...

I hope he stays on to do at least one series with new writer Steven Moffat!

Anonymous said...

I sure hope so too, Carole.

Amanda on Maui said...

It's horribly saddening to think that I can't come home to him as The Doctor. Chris played a good Doctor #9, but David plays a really amazing Doctor #10! How can anyone hope to live up to him?

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