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Monday, June 23, 2008


This is a Doctor lite episode, but don't be discouraged because it will have you on the edge of your seat. This Russell T Davies story shows how one decision made differently by one person can touch all of humanity......and even the universe. It also shows how crucial the Doctor's existence is to everyone else's existence.

Even though I've always loved Rose as the Doctor's companion, Donna has turned out to be my favorite. I never thought I would like Catherine Tate as much as I do, but she is phenomenal! This episode really showcases her talent.

Speaking of Rose.........she's back!

The first of 5 parts is here.


Jen r. said...

Thank for sharing this stuff. I've been poppong around for awhile... I have to say actually lately, I love Donna too and I find the whole Rose things old and she's a little annoying....I think because she pales a little in comparison to how strong Donna is...

Anonymous said...

I too like Donna Noble and think she makes an excellent companion for the Doctor. She has proven herself and has grown alot since Runaway Bride. I have always found Rose somewhat annoying...she is my least favourite of the Doctor's companions.

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