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Monday, June 30, 2008


Hold onto you're seats fellow Whovians and Tennant fans, you're in for a bumpy ride!!! Watching 'The Stolen Earth' is like being on an emotional roller coaster ride. Having to wait a whole week to see the next episode is pure TORTURE! It's inhumane to make us wait to see the conclusion!

What's even worse is we don't even get any previews! All we get is........TO BE CONTINUED!

I'd be really, really worried if I didn't already know that David is in the Christmas 2008 special. That fact settles my snapped emotions just a bit. I'm still an emotional wreck though.

You can start your emotional roller coaster ride at Part 1. There are four more parts to complete the episode.


Amanda on Maui said...

I started the grieving stage immediately after The Doctor was shot by the Daleks. I cried and screamed and felt serious rage. My emotions were all over the board. I watched it yesterday afternoon, and then I dreamed about The Doctor all night. My heart is still aching, even after reading that he'll be in the Christmas episode. Oh, and I heard that the show wont return until 2010. That adds to the pain!

Eli said...

I totally agree! I was talking about the episode and the beginning of the regeneration with a friend and he pointed out that every regeneration is different but this one started just like the last one, same pose and everything so he doesn't think its real or that its really gonna happen.

Also, the fact that they KEPT showing his hand...its interesting. Maybe the fact that he still has a part of his old body alive keeps him from regenerating???

Sharon Brown said...

I have read a rumor that there will be 2 Doctors. Maybe his hand regenerates to make the second Doctor, while he stays the same???

Anonymous said...

There will not be a series until 2010, however, there will be 4 special one offs in 2009.

Interesting how the regeneration began in the "new" hand...and his original hand is preserved in that solution in the container. Perhaps that rumour, Sharon, is true and the original hand regenerates into a second doctor...I heard the second doctor will only have one heart.

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