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Thursday, June 5, 2008


At 5AM ET, the very scary Steven Moffat story 'Blink' is being rerun. Ever since first seeing this, I always think twice about any statues around me.

At 9PM ET and 11PM ET, 'The Doctor's Daughter' is being shown on American TV for the first time.....although, through the wonders of today's technology, it's a rerun for youtubers. It's a fantastic episode. I love Georgia Moffett.....and, if it's true, so does David! She's great as Jenny!

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meso said...

having not watched Blink on grounds that i have a real life fear of statues, and having seen the previews for it, and decided against freaking myself out, i watched it last night.... alone. and in fact, it wasnt as bad as i was expecting. still heart racing freaky action... but very very good. stephen moffat really ought to write horror stories, on the level of stephen king!

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