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Saturday, June 28, 2008

DOCTOR WHO ON BBC AMERICA (6-28-08 & 6-29-08 )

This weekend we get to see both parts of a two part story.

  • Saturday, 6PM ET - The Impossible Planet
  • Saturday, 7PM ET - The Satan Pit
  • Sunday, 1PM ET - The Impossible Planet
  • Sunday, 2PM ET - The Satan Pit
My favorite scenes are:

'The Impossible Planet' - the Doctor and Rose are sitting at the table talking and the Doctor is terrified at the thought of living in a house and Rose says it's not so bad being stuck with him.

'The Satan Pit' - the Doctor is getting ready to let himself fall the rest of the way down into the pit and wants Ida to tell Rose something and then he says that Rose already knows.


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