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Thursday, May 29, 2008


This six part series was shown on BBC Scotland in 1994. It's an award-winning series about an alcoholic, cynical, aspiring disc-jockey (played by the wonderful Ken Stott) who holds--and hates--a "real" job as a window salesman. The best gig he can find is at a local mental institution playing oldies for a bunch of mental patients. David, at 23 years old, is fantastic in playing the role of Ken Stott's enthusiastic, manic-depressive on-air-partner Campbell Bain.

Throughout the series, there are a few actors you may recognize. In the beginning of part one, a very young Ashley Jensen (Christina in 'Ugly Betty') appears briefly. Arabella Weir (a friend of David's, whom he lodged with) appears in the last three parts of the series. If you remember the 2003 series 'Miracles' with Skeet Ulrich, you'll recognize Angus Macfadyen playing one of the other mental patients.

This is an excellent series with a great story, great music, and great acting by everyone. A DVD set is due out later this year according to a comment at IMDB by the writer of the series.

The whole series is at Veoh. The Veoh player has to be downloaded to watch the series and the entire series can even be downloaded with the Veoh player.


Anonymous said...

I hope this means "Takin' Over the Asylum" will be available to US consumers like myself!?!

Sharon Brown said...

I'm crossing my fingers in hopes it's going to be sold here. I know I'll buy it.

Anonymous said...

I sure hope it becomes available in North America...the whole cast is great, but David really shines in this...and his character's name is Campbell Bain not Bean.

Sharon Brown said...

I changed it to Bain. I don't know how that happened because I knew the right name.

You're right, David does shine in it. I love the scene where he takes over the radio station and fakes going crazy.

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