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Sunday, May 18, 2008


Collins falls for 'charming' Dr Who Tennant

By WENN world entertainment news - Friday, May 16 02:30 pm

Movie icon Joan Collins has hinted she may be interested in a cameo role on legendary sci-fi series Doctor Who - after she fell for the charms of the show's star David Tennant.

The Dynasty star visited the set after being hounded by her grandchildren to arrange a guided tour of the BBC show's set - and expected to be bored by the backstage activities.

But Collins soon became enamoured with Scottish actor Tennant, after he politely spoke to her grandchildren, who had accosted him with questions about his famous character.

She says, "I have seldom met an actor more gracious and charming to visitors to a film set. For 15 minutes David Tennant patiently answered all the children's questions.

"As one who has spent most of their adult life on a sound stage, I was feeling quite blase about visiting the set of Doctor Who.

She adds, "The thought amused me because of the intense excitement of nine-year-old Miel and Weston, four, my daughter Tara's children, who had barely slept the previous night in breathless anticipation."

David is such a nice guy!


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