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Friday, May 30, 2008


The weekend schedule for 'Doctor Who' includes two episodes from Series 2:

  • 6PM ET Saturday - The Girl in the Fireplace
  • 7PM ET Saturday - Rise of the Cybermen
  • 1PM ET Sunday - The Girl in the Fireplace
  • 2PM ET Sunday - Rise of the Cybermen

Thursday, May 29, 2008


'The Family of Blood' (the conclusion of 'Human Nature') is on at 5AM ET. This is an excellent episode. I cry every time I watch it. The part when John Smith and Joan see what their life together would be like gets to me every time. So sad.

'The Poison Sky' is on at 9PM ET and 11PM ET. This is the conclusion of 'The Sontaran Stratagem'.


This six part series was shown on BBC Scotland in 1994. It's an award-winning series about an alcoholic, cynical, aspiring disc-jockey (played by the wonderful Ken Stott) who holds--and hates--a "real" job as a window salesman. The best gig he can find is at a local mental institution playing oldies for a bunch of mental patients. David, at 23 years old, is fantastic in playing the role of Ken Stott's enthusiastic, manic-depressive on-air-partner Campbell Bain.

Throughout the series, there are a few actors you may recognize. In the beginning of part one, a very young Ashley Jensen (Christina in 'Ugly Betty') appears briefly. Arabella Weir (a friend of David's, whom he lodged with) appears in the last three parts of the series. If you remember the 2003 series 'Miracles' with Skeet Ulrich, you'll recognize Angus Macfadyen playing one of the other mental patients.

This is an excellent series with a great story, great music, and great acting by everyone. A DVD set is due out later this year according to a comment at IMDB by the writer of the series.

The whole series is at Veoh. The Veoh player has to be downloaded to watch the series and the entire series can even be downloaded with the Veoh player.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


We don't get to see him, but David is the narrator of this documentary. A wonderful chance to hear his Scottish accent. While it's very interesting and informative, be warned that it's also sometimes a bit disgusting.

I wish this were on YouTube because it takes a long, long, long time to load. It seems Google video is the only place that has it right now. I'm currently trying to download it ....which is taking forever. After I get it, I can post it to YouTube.

Sunday, May 25, 2008


There's a Doctor Who mini marathon from Series 3 this afternoon starting at 1PM ET. The episodes being show are:

  • 1PM ET - Human Nature
  • 2PM ET - The Family of Blood
  • 3PM ET - Utopia
  • 4PM ET - The Sound of Drums
  • 5PM ET - Last of the Time Lords

Saturday, May 24, 2008


BBC America is showing 'School Reunion', which features Sarah Jane Smith, at 6PM ET and 'The Girl in the Fireplace', with Sophia Myles, at 7PM ET. These are two great episodes from Series 2.

Friday, May 23, 2008


I agreed to drop Scots accent for Doctor Who - Tennant

Published Date:
03 April 2006


THE Doctor Who actor David Tennant has told how he was asked to abandon his Scottish accent to play the Time Lord.
The 34-year-old actor said scriptwriter Russell T Davies did not want the latest Doctor to have an accent.

The most recent incumbent, Christopher Eccleston, used his Manchester accent in the role, but Tennant stunned fans by dumping his native Scots lilt.

He said: "Russell said we'd like to not go for another obvious regional accent, because I suppose they'd done that. Not that, I hasten to add, a slightly off-London accent isn't a regional accent, because it is, but it reads slightly more generically than a Scottish accent does.

"Russell said, 'that's how we'd like to take it', and I was quite happy to go with that."

Sylvester McCoy played the Doctor from 1987 with what he has described as a gentle lilt compared to his normal Scottish accent.

Tennant hinted in his interview with SFX magazine that playing Doctor Who was not quite what he thought it would be.

He said he had been a Doctor Who "junkie" since his childhood. As a teenager, he wrote an essay about his addiction to the show and queued to meet former time-traveller Tom Baker.

It was watching the sci-fi show in its early days that made the young Tennant - whose bedroom was filled with Doctor Who posters - decide to become an actor.

But asked whether the reality of playing the TV icon matched the picture Tennant had imagined, he said: "What I realised when I came to do this was that any sort of fantastic notions one might have had about this were just that - fantastic notions.

"When you have to come and make real decisions about it, it's a different thing.

"Actors often say that the best bit about getting a job is a phone call that says you've got it, because at that moment it is all potential, and it could be anything.

"It's all possibilities, and as soon as you start making decisions, it starts becoming reality, which is never as much fun."

Tennant promised that the Doctor's relationship with Rose, played by Billie Piper, would hot up in the second series. "I think it's explored quite deeply," he said.

I found this article by accident at The Scotsman. It's a couple of years old, but still an interesting read.

I particularly like the fact that his bedroom was filled with Doctor Who posters. That sounds like me with Star Trek.

Even though I like the Doctor's accent, I wish David could have used his native accent. There's just something so wonderful about a Scottish lilt.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Sci-Fi is airing one of the best stories (in my opinion) from Series 3, 'Human Nature' at 5AM ET.

Unfortunately, there is no new Series 4 Doctor Who at 9PM. We have to wait another week to see 'The Poison Sky', which is the conclusion to 'The Sontaran Stratagem'.



This was shown on Channel 4 in the UK and was posted by Zipper96 at YouTube.

There are pictures from this show at Derren Brown's site on Channel 4.

This is so amazing to watch!


David and I share something. We both love 'Columbo'.


This 'Doctor Who Confidential' is the behind the scenes look at 'The Unicorn and the Wasp'. There are 5 parts with the beginning starting here.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Episode 7 of Series 4 is 'The Unicorn and the Wasp'. It's a wonderful Agatha Christie murder mystery that takes place in England in the 1920's. There are 5 parts starting here.

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Collins falls for 'charming' Dr Who Tennant

By WENN world entertainment news - Friday, May 16 02:30 pm

Movie icon Joan Collins has hinted she may be interested in a cameo role on legendary sci-fi series Doctor Who - after she fell for the charms of the show's star David Tennant.

The Dynasty star visited the set after being hounded by her grandchildren to arrange a guided tour of the BBC show's set - and expected to be bored by the backstage activities.

But Collins soon became enamoured with Scottish actor Tennant, after he politely spoke to her grandchildren, who had accosted him with questions about his famous character.

She says, "I have seldom met an actor more gracious and charming to visitors to a film set. For 15 minutes David Tennant patiently answered all the children's questions.

"As one who has spent most of their adult life on a sound stage, I was feeling quite blase about visiting the set of Doctor Who.

She adds, "The thought amused me because of the intense excitement of nine-year-old Miel and Weston, four, my daughter Tara's children, who had barely slept the previous night in breathless anticipation."

David is such a nice guy!

Saturday, May 17, 2008


BBC America will show 'Tooth and Claw' and 'School Reunion' this weekend. The schedule is as follows:

  • Saturday, 6PM ET - Tooth and Claw
  • Saturday, 7PM ET - School Reunion
  • Sunday, 1PM ET - Tooth and Claw
  • Sunday, 2PM ET - School Reunion

Friday, May 16, 2008


The following is an article about 'Love in the 21st Century' published in the New York Times. I found this while trying to find the entire video to the first episode, 'Reproduction'. This is the episode David appears in. I only have a really bad copy of part of the episode. I would appreciate information on where I could find it.

Parables Of Female Sexuality

Published: August 15, 1999

BRITISH television is famous for being unbuttoned about sex. Still, ''Love in the 21st Century,'' the six-part series on Channel 4 that concludes on Aug. 25, is prompting debate.

There's the moment in ''Toy-Boys'' in which a 30-something teacher (played by Clare Holman) ends up in a clinch with a dishy male student whom she is all too happy to take camping. That Ryan (Matt Kennard) is only 15 makes the encounter not just unusual but also illegal. Catherine Johnson's script ends with a twist characteristic of the series as a whole.

Then there's ''Fantasies,'' another script by Ms. Johnson (who wrote this season's surprise West End theater hit ''Mamma Mia!''), in which a couple's visit to Lola's Love Boutique unleashes a spirit of erotic adventure in Anna (Tracy Whitwell), a young nurse, that Sean (Tommy Tiernan), her kindly if increasingly bewildered boyfriend, doesn't always share.

Elsewhere, Ioan Gruffudd, the rising Welsh star of ''Horatio Horn blower'' and ''Great Expectations'' (shown in the United States on A&E and PBS respectively) can be seen shedding rather more than period garb. He's the one in ''Masturbation'' caught in the act by his girlfriend, Amanda (Natasha Little, recently seen parading her own period appeal as Becky Sharp in ''Vanity Fair'').

''All my male friends will tune in to this,'' said Mr. Gruffudd, 25, speaking by telephone from Los Angeles. ''Anything to do with sex, they turn it on: it's a very typical, laddish attitude.''

The flesh content, to be fair, isn't what distinguishes ''Love in the 21st Century.'' (Tellingly, the show went through several title changes -- ''How to Have Sex in the 21st Century'' and the more concise ''Sex in the 21st Century'' -- before arriving at the less carnally centered name it now bears.) Indeed, by the standards of another of the year's much-talked-about Channel 4 series, the gay-themed ''Queer as Folk,'' from the same production company, the new show is positively G-rated.

But if Mr. Gruffudd's blokish friends have been tuning in, they've been finding subjects and emotions not frequently shown on screen, including the startling extremes (apparently) of female jealousy and paranoia.

In fact, women -- and not their men -- drive the various half-hour stories, each of which has a separate cast and stands on its own.

''In 'Love in the 21st Century,' women aren't all good; women aren't all nice. Women are just human beings,'' said Nicola Shindler, the 30-year-old executive producer and co-creator (with Ms. Johnson) of the series. ''It presents women as they are in reality.''

In ''Reproduction,'' Catherine McCormack plays a chippie (not what Americans might think but an employee in a fish and chips shop) named Fay who is hitting 30 and regards John (David Tennant), a local doctor, as her best prospect for impregnation. The subject matter, says Ms. Shindler, ''really hits the Zeitgeist; it's so much of its time.'' The scenes inside Fay's body won't surprise anyone who has seen Woody Allen's 1972 film ''Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex.''

Marking out medicine as the series' profession of choice, ''Threesomes'' introduces another doctor -- the charmingly caddish Charlie (Oliver Milburn) -- who severs forever the lifelong rapport between two best (and female) friends. Though it was the second of the six shows to be broadcast, ''Threesomes'' was the first story line that the creators came up with.

''The received wisdom is that girls will be pals no matter what, that no man will ever be able to rend them asunder,'' said Ms. Johnson, 41, a divorced mother of two.

But, Ms. Johnson said of the ''Threesomes'' scenario, ''I think in real life you would never forgive your friend for doing that. There's a lot written about the sisterhood, but actually women can behave very badly toward one another.''

In the last show, ''Commitment,'' Daniela Nardini, who played Anna in the BBC hit ''This Life,'' is a factory owner who puts her boyfriend, Jason Flemyng, through numerous emotional hoops only to rush out in a fit of nerves once the two at long last reach the altar.

''I'm really disspelling the myth about that cosmopolitan image of women, that they're not interested in marriage anymore,'' said Matt Jones, 30, who wrote ''Commitment'' and was script editor on the entire series. ''We kind of laughed that this is a very reactionary tale. What's wrong with wanting someone who is going to be there for you forever?''

If the story lines hint at political incorrectness, that sits just fine with the creators of the series, whose goal has been to speak from a feminine perspective without putting women on a pedestal. ''Undoubtedly, the series communicates a feeling that certain things have been confused, have been lost,'' said Gub Neal, Channel 4's commissioning editor for drama. ''We're debunking the mythology that magazines like Elle and Marie Claire propagate by means of reassurance: in other words, that women really would sleep with their best friend's boyfriend if they thought they could get away with it.''

''These are really little parables about female sexuality,'' added Mr. Neal, 40, ''each of them trying to shed some light on the way the world really is.''

Mr. Neal is sufficiently excited by the finished product to have encouraged Ms. Johnson to consider a second set of six shows, this time examining the proverbial battle between the sexes from the man's point of view. Not that men, he said, seem to be put off by the series; it has averaged 1.7 million viewers per show, which in Britain is a sizable audience. (''Queer as Folk'' was attracting nearly 4 million viewers by the end of its run, but its gay content made it a subject of tabloid controversy, which is always a ratings booster.)

''We think it's very sexy, so we think a lot of men are watching it,'' Mr. Neal said of ''Love in the 21st Century.'' ''They'll see the title 'Masturbation' go up and say, 'Hey, that's me'; they'll see the title 'Commitment' go up and think, 'That's not me.' ''


Sci-Fi will air 'The Sontaran Stratagem' tonight at 9Pm and 11PM ET.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


David has voiced his support of the campaign to prevent cutbacks at the Royal Scottish Acadamy of Music and Drama (RSAMD). The following is a quote from an article at BBC News.

In a strongly worded statement, Mr Tennant urged the academy board to think again about the prospect of cutting jobs and introducing more part-time contracts.

He said: "Nothing I have managed to achieve in my career would have happened without my training at the RSAMD.

"The drama training I received was world class and the idea that the opportunities I got there might be compromised for future generations is deeply upsetting.

"I am incredibly proud to be a graduate of RSAMD and Scotland is rightly proud to have such an important arts training ground at its heart.

"I have seen how Scotland's actors are valued and admired throughout the world. I would hate to see a lack of both immediate and long-term funding jeopardise the future of that hard won reputation."

I hope the RSAMD gets the funding they need.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I found this nice picture of David with some young Doctor Who fans at IT'S A CRIME! (OR A MYSTERY...). (Looks like an interesting blog!)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


David has been voted sexiest male on TV in a survey conducted by the Hallmark Channel. They surveyed 1,600 people to examine whether an attractive star keeps viewers watching their favorite shows.

You can read the entire story at Digital Spy.

I didn't need a survey to confirm what I already know to be true. ;-)

Monday, May 12, 2008


This question has David concerned about his asking his dad for so much advice at the age of 37.


This is the behind the scenes look at 'The Doctor's Daughter'. One thing not included in this episode is some information about David's jacket. He let Georgia Moffett wear his jacket to keep warm. While wearing it, she bent over and ripped it. Georgia told this story to the Daily Record.

The episode starts here and has 4 more parts.

Sunday, May 11, 2008


I was so upset today because my internet was down all day. I've felt so cut off without it. Now that I'm connected again, it's time for episode 6!

This is such a fantastic episode! I love the story and I love Georgia Moffett as Jenny. David is absolutely wonderful in this!

I always loved the pairing of Rose and Ten, but this year is the best yet. The episodes get better and better each week.

Part 1 of 5 starts here. Enjoy!

Friday, May 9, 2008


Sci-Fi is broadcasting Planet of the Ood tonight at 9PM and 11PM ET. Let's see if they butcher it as bad as they did last week's show.

LIVE EARTH (7-7-07)

See video of David at Live Earth . In the first part, David introduces the Pussycat Dolls. Afterwords, he has an interview with Graham Norton and Jonathan Ross. James Blunt is also interviewed while David is there.

There's a nice little extra included in the interview portion. John Barrowman is on with Graham Norton before David's interview starts.

Thank you to JenMalli for the introduction of the Pussycat Dolls and thank you to eonetim for the 5 part interview.

Thursday, May 8, 2008


I found this very nice Hamlet promo pic at


While David is taking the month off before starting to work on 'Hamlet', he went to see Kylie Minogue perform at Bercy Stadium in Paris on May 6. Stories about Kylie kicking off her 2008 world tour are at Now Magazine and the Mirror.


In a story at the Daily Mail, Georgia Moffett, who plays the Doctors daughter in the sixth episode of Series 4, thinks David is the sexiest Time Lord ever. Georgia is the real life daughter of Peter Davison who played the fifth Time Lord.

She said, "David is dishy, isn't he? He's not only a good-looking but he is such a lovely, sweet guy.

"Obviously I'll get into trouble for saying this. I'd like to say the fifth Doctor was sexiest because it's my dad. It's very odd referring to him as 'sexy' so I can't really say that."

I totally agree with Georgia.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


All good things must come to an end, including 'Double Income No Kids Yet'. Unfortunately, Episode 6 of Series 3 is the finale. :-(

I'm really going to miss this series. Whoever thinks radio is just for playing music on hasn't listened to this. It's a wonderful story with a great cast of characters. And, as an added bonus, we get to hear David's Scottish accent.

Many, many thanks to DConS81 for posting this very entertaining, wonderfully funny, sometimes serious radio series.

The final episode is on page 6 of my DINKY playlist. Sit back, listen and watch the pictures fly by.


Tennant knows Who can help

DOCTOR Who star David Tennant has admitted he still has to ask his dad for help with DIY.

The Bathgate-born star was speaking about Sandy McDonald, 70, for a new book Dads: A Celebration of Fatherhood from Britain's Finest and Funniest.

He said: "When you're a child you assume your dad knows everything. Mine probably does... Need to put a shelf up? I'll call my dad."

This story is at the Scotsman.


Even though David doesn't seem to think he does enough for the environment, he does drive a Prius.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


What would I do with a clone of David? Hmmmmm


This week's Doctor Who Confidential is a behind the scenes look at The Poison Sky. We learn about how to smoke up the atmosphere and see the making of a Sontaran. Part 1 is here with 4 parts to follow.

I would have posted this yesterday, but there seemed to a problem with the video. According to Brivinex, it should be fixed.

Sunday, May 4, 2008


The Doctor continues his quest to save the earth against the walking spuds in the conclusion of The Sontaran Stratagem. Part 1 is here. There are four more parts following this.

Friday, May 2, 2008


Watch Donna and the Doctor on volcano day in The Fires of Pompeii. It airs at 9PM ET and 11PM ET on SciFi tonight.


I love David's laugh. Both of them seem to laugh a lot. It seems like they get along very well with one another.

Thursday, May 1, 2008


We learn that Catherine Tate likes Bradley Whitford and that David is 'risk averse' in this Big Question.

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