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Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Who's Doctor Who's new 'assistant'?
Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Doctor Who star David Tennant has found himself a new 'assistant' but this time his female companion is to keep him company offset.

Tennant is now said to be dating brunette Jennie Fava, assistant director on the hit BBC TV series.

The pair have reportedly been looking 'very tight-knit' on a string of dates.

Most recently they were spotted cosying up at Tennant's co-star – John Barrowman's concert at the Millennium Centre in Cardiff.

Fava moved to Cardiff for the filming of the show's fourth series.

Tennant split from Thunderbirds actress Sophia Myles in October and has since been linked to a string of women.

Darn, it looks like I lost my chance again. (Like that's ever gonna happen.)

I looked Jennie Fava up on and found out she worked on 'The Chatterley Affair' and 'Blackpool'. I wonder if they've known one another from before. Of course, just because they both worked on those shows doesn't mean they even met one another before. Productions involve so many people.

This story is at

Thank you for giving me the link, Carole!


Carole said...

You,re welcome!
My,he's a fast mover and i'm in the wrong job!
This is the third 'relationship'(we'll call it that for now),that he's had through the Dr.Who set..Sophia,Bethan and now Jennie.
I missed my chance again...and once more,i'm heartbroken!Just wish he'd choose a dark-haired,47 year old Scot!

meso said...

definitely not news I wanted to hear either :( oh well... I agree with you carole... not in the right job! (I'm probably a bit too young for him anyway... although, 22 isn't that bad is it?)

Sarah said...

Glad to know he's having fun and he's not taking things too seriously !! :)
That's what everybody needs after the end of a long term relationship... enjoy your summer, boy !! ;)

Anonymous said...

You can see the picture of David and Jennie from the Sun.

Sarah said...

wow, she look's like she's 16 !!! lol

Anonymous said...

you gotta love the daily (descriptive word) rags always like to make sure a rag sells ...

and price for being in the paps direct line of sight for photography is whom you are with you will be classed as "dating"

i personally never believe a rag as more (descriptive word) is printed on the paper then what would come out your own ass.

Sarah said...

Can you really trust The Sun though?.I personnaly dont believe it to be honest.The amount of nonsence they printed about Doctor Who is a good example.
If it is, im a bit surprised to see him moving on so quickly.
But i doubt David is the type to jump from one relationship to the next lightly.

Sarah said...

wow, many Sarah(s) around ;)

Well, i'm the one who thinks he's right to have fun ( and i'm also the one who thinks the girl looks 16... lol)

Of course, everything printed in the sun should be taken with a pinch of salt.. but at least, this time, they have a picture !!!

I personnally think the whole Bethan Britton story was complete b*llshit. If anything, he probably cough/slept/cough with her twice, before realising she was nuts when she started talking to the tabloids, and dumping her as fast as he possibly could.. So basically, he can be considered single since his breakup with Sophia Myles... let the guy enjoy his summer, i say !!! :)

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