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Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Dr Who star David Tennant's new love (and just like the last one she works on the set of his show)

Last updated at 01:54am on 28th April 2008

David Tennant is dating his second girlfriend from the Dr Who set in six months.

The 37-year-old Scot, who plays the time lord in the hit BBC1 series, is in a relationship with second assistant director Jennie Fava and has taken her on a series of romantic dates.

Miss Fava has moved to Cardiff to help film the fourth series of Dr Who and has been seen leaving his apartment in the city. The pair both adopted a dressed-down look for a theatre trip to see Equus.

"They were certainly enjoying each other's company," said an onlooker.

"You can tell they get on well."

Tennant recently split up with another BBC Wales staff member, Bethan Britton, 28, after a four-month relationship.

Miss Britton worked in the BBC contracts office in Cardiff, where Dr Who is filmed.

Last October Tennant parted ways with actress Sophia Myles after a two-year relationship, following her move to Hollywood.

They too met on set - when Miss Myles played Madame de Pompadour in a 2006 Dr Who episode.

This article is at the Daily Mail.

It seems like the press tends to make a big deal out of the fact that actors date people they work with on the set. There are plenty of people who date someone they work with, whether that work is in an office building, a factory, a hospital, etc. The set of a TV show is a place of work too. So what is the big deal about David dating women he meets at work? Where else is he going to meet someone if he spends a lot of time on the set?


Carole said...

I think it's because that this is the second girlfriend in as many months and from the same quick,...if you catch my drift.Althogh Bethan was more BBC Wales,i don't know if Jennie was employed as a member of the BBC or an outside firm.As it's a close-knit community,i can see where 'akwardness' could come into it if it was all to end.

Anonymous said...

It is perfectly normal to date people that we meet at work, so why should it be any different for an actor. Just because he has a hectic work schedule that makes it difficult to maintain relationships doesn't mean he should stop dating. He is a very attractive man who obviously enjoys female companionship and the previous relationship was over ...he has done nothing wrong so why do the press have to make such a big deal of it anyway.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone considered that they might just be really good friends...... Just a thought

Sharon Brown said...

I've also had the thought about them being good friends. Just because she's been in his apartment doesn't mean anything is going on. Good friends go to one another's apartments, enjoy one other's company, get along well and go to the theatre together.

Arabella Weir did say 'the tabloids have, usually erroneously, linked him with various women, including Kylie Minogue'. She also said he 'is able to form a close friendship with a woman he isn’t sleeping with'. So it's possible they may just be friends.

Anonymous said...

i dont think the realationship will last because he spends way too much time on set to think about anything else and bethan said that her and david were an item and now they split up after just 4 months we will just see how long this one lasts because i dont think its going to last very long at all.

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