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Wednesday, April 30, 2008


This video, posted by AFRAIDOFSUNLIGHT1 at YouTube shows
David being charming with the fans and signing autographs at the end

Cybermen Invade Monmouth!

Dr Who Filming In Agincourt Square

Everyone has their own Doctor. For me it was the late, great John Pertwee. I had met and shook hands with him when I was a kid so when I heard that BBC Wales were back in Monmouth filming for Dr Who I had to go and check it out.

My kids had been waiting from 8-10pm to see "The Doctor" but were told he wouldn't be filming until 1 o'clock in the morning so they came home disappointed. At 1 am I slipped out of the house to have a look for myself.

The streets of Monmouth were empty until I got to Agincourt Square where I was promptly confronted by a Cyberman queueing up for food at the catering stand.

Looking around for a while I finally spotted the dodgy, semi-quiffed hair of David Tenant under the arches of the Town Hall. I thought the kids should really see this and promptly called home and arranged for them to come and check it out.

Anyone who has been to a film set will know that it's not at all glamourous but enormously tedious with a lot of people running round shouting "quiet please!". My wife took my daughter home but my son and I stayed on determined to get a better glimpse of the man himself.

We stayed for a couple of hours and watched as the Cybermen marched up and down Beaufort Court kidnapping Victorian "Oliver Twist" type children and taking them away.

I finally got a brief word with The Doctor at about 2.30pm as he signed autographs for kids and adults alike. Asked what he thought of Monmouth he said "I think it's a brilliant little town!". He was very amiable, down to Earth (pardon the pun) and eager to talk to the kids.

But as the saying goes, "the show must go on" and he was dragged away for more filming.

Having got autographs for my kids, feeling cold but happy we walked back through the deserted streets of Monmouth, at about 3am, with massive grins on our faces having met Doctor Who.

For me it was just as exciting as the first time when I was little, I guess I'm just a big kid!

Actors certainly work horrific hours.

What a great story!

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Leslie said...

My new favorite quote: "OH! That's cheating... sneaking up! Do you have your legs on silent?"

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