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Saturday, April 26, 2008


It's Sure To Be A Treat

Apr 26 2008

Derren Brown - Trick Or Treat Friday, C4, 10pm

Finding out what tricks are up Derren Brown's sleeve is virtually impossible, but we can tell you that this second series of Trick Or Treat will feature a time traveller, alias Dr Who star David Tennant.

Tonight's opener, like last year's first series, features a member of the public who makes a blind choice to choose a Trick or Treat card - the treat means something nice will happen to them, whereas the trick involves something darker.

But later in the series David Tennant takes the leap into the unknown. So how did Derren persuade him to take the risk?

"I met him at a party. He was incredibly charismatic and I really warmed to him. He said he really enjoyed the show, which I always find genuinely surprising and touching.

"We were writing the series at the time and thought it would be fun if one of the participants was well-known. He's still treated the same as any other participant. He's very open and unguarded, which is terrific."

The stunts set up for series two are a closely-guarded secret but, knowing Derren, some will be controversial.

His favourite treat from series one came when he hypnotised and coached an old lady to turn her from a modest bridge player into world-class poker player.

She came second in a big-money tournament.

His most controversial trick featured a young woman set up to believe she was having an out-of-the-body experience as she witnessed her own death in a car crash.
This story is at the Daily Record.

I've never seen or heard of this show before so I looked it up at YouTube and found the car crash clip.

I wonder what Derren will do to David.


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