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Sunday, April 6, 2008


DOCTOR Who star David Tennant has been dumped by his blonde lover, the News of the World can reveal.

The Timelord—back on TV with a new series last night —has been given the elbow by BBC beauty Bethan Britton.

She decided to exterminate their four-month relationship after getting fed up with David's gruelling filming schedule.

Heartbroken Bethan, 28, confided to pals she couldn't see a future with the actor, but they've been trying to keep the love split under wraps. Tennant, 36, gave no hint of his secret heartache when he appeared with co-star Catherine Tate on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross two days ago. Last night a pal of Bethan, who works at the BBC in Cardiff where the show is made, said: "She's a lovely girl with a big heart.

"But she was hardly seeing David because he's so busy.

"She became increasingly fed up of spending her nights alone and couldn't see how they could plan a future together. David may play the Timelord, but because of his schedule he couldn't give Bethan much time."

Tennant has previously dated actresses Sophia Myles, Keira Malik and Anne-Marie Duff.

This article was at News of the World.

Now, I know there are people who are going to comment that they probably never dated. And, I know we never saw a picture of them together. That doesn't mean it never happened. Maybe they were extra careful about being seen out together. Maybe the time they spent together wasn't spent at places where they would be seen by many press people.....such as houses of friends and family, and David's place. Of course, it's still possible they never did date. I don't personally know David or Bethan. I know nothing of their private lives. I'm just putting this on my blog since it was a story about David that I found online.

If they did date, I feel bad for David on a personal level. It must be hard to have much of a personal life when he has such a busy filming schedule, makes appearances for Doctor Who, and has commitments to charities. His career is at its all time high and it takes a lot of commitment on his part.

I can see where he wouldn't have the time it takes for much of a personal relationship. It could be hard for someone dating him to wait for him to have time. I do believe, though, if someone loved him enough she would be understanding and would wait for him. So, if David and Bethan were really an item, maybe this relationship just wasn't meant to be.

Of course, if I were a few years younger, wasn't married, and lived in the UK.......


meso said...

i must say, i read the title of your post, and thought... oooh goodie. not that i dont feel bad for david, but seriously, if i lived in england i would go out of my way to make sure i was introduced to him etc... strange, as i've never really had a crush on a celebrity before and he's just so nice! and lovable!!
and i agree with you, if you really did love the man, then you would wait. or even make the effort to be there when he has the time, not wait for him to come to you. if that were me, i'd be bringing him lunch, waiting with a hot cuppa when he's done filming in the early hours of the morning. nothing would be too much. sigh.... if only! :P

Carole said...

I agree with you both!
Now,i admit,i was one of those that were in doubt if there was a relationship at all...but i would be there FOR HIM, come hell or high water...nothing would keep me away!I'm sure after a long days filming,he would want to relax...i help him do that (:

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