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Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Here's a picture of David with Jennie. She sure looks young to me. Or, is that because young people look younger than they used to for me.

My thanks to one of my readers for posting the link to this picture. It can be found at The Sun.


Carole said...

As far as i'm aware...she's 29.

meso said...

awww... they do look sweet together, and so happy. I just wish I didn't have sour grapes about it... I mean, he's only mine in my fantasies... :P

Sarah said...

I agree with you Sharon, she def' looks more 19 than 29 to me :) But she seems nice, and he looks happy.. so Hallelujah !!!
And also.. she's... a BRUNETTE !!!! What an amazing change is that !!!?? :)

Hayley said...


he's never single!!

she soooooooooooooo lucky!


Anonymous said...

I agree with the "brunette" comment! She looks really young! I wonde rhwo took that picture? It doesn't look like the usual one you'd see in a paer more of a "on the spot" lets take a pic! one...sorry if that sounds weird! I hate to say it but i am very jealous!
Shame about Bethan Brittan.

MissTeninch said...

Shes definately 29 and shes a taurus...i have found her profile and its got all her details on there!!! :)

Rachel said...

And what's wrong with it if she was 19? That's how old I am, and I certainly wouldn't be complaining about the age gap if he were considering me.

Anonymous said...

You probably know this but that isn't Jennie in the photo, it's her little sister.

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