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Wednesday, April 30, 2008


This video, posted by AFRAIDOFSUNLIGHT1 at YouTube shows
David being charming with the fans and signing autographs at the end

Cybermen Invade Monmouth!

Dr Who Filming In Agincourt Square

Everyone has their own Doctor. For me it was the late, great John Pertwee. I had met and shook hands with him when I was a kid so when I heard that BBC Wales were back in Monmouth filming for Dr Who I had to go and check it out.

My kids had been waiting from 8-10pm to see "The Doctor" but were told he wouldn't be filming until 1 o'clock in the morning so they came home disappointed. At 1 am I slipped out of the house to have a look for myself.

The streets of Monmouth were empty until I got to Agincourt Square where I was promptly confronted by a Cyberman queueing up for food at the catering stand.

Looking around for a while I finally spotted the dodgy, semi-quiffed hair of David Tenant under the arches of the Town Hall. I thought the kids should really see this and promptly called home and arranged for them to come and check it out.

Anyone who has been to a film set will know that it's not at all glamourous but enormously tedious with a lot of people running round shouting "quiet please!". My wife took my daughter home but my son and I stayed on determined to get a better glimpse of the man himself.

We stayed for a couple of hours and watched as the Cybermen marched up and down Beaufort Court kidnapping Victorian "Oliver Twist" type children and taking them away.

I finally got a brief word with The Doctor at about 2.30pm as he signed autographs for kids and adults alike. Asked what he thought of Monmouth he said "I think it's a brilliant little town!". He was very amiable, down to Earth (pardon the pun) and eager to talk to the kids.

But as the saying goes, "the show must go on" and he was dragged away for more filming.

Having got autographs for my kids, feeling cold but happy we walked back through the deserted streets of Monmouth, at about 3am, with massive grins on our faces having met Doctor Who.

For me it was just as exciting as the first time when I was little, I guess I'm just a big kid!

Actors certainly work horrific hours.

What a great story!


This is something I've never seen or heard of before. I wonder if David did The Big Questions with Billie or Freema, or if this is a new segment for this year.


The latest episode of Double Income No Kids Yet is the most dramatic of the series so far. I won't say more because I don't want to give away what happens.

As always, it's divided into parts A, B and C. Go to page 5 after clicking here.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Dr Who star David Tennant's new love (and just like the last one she works on the set of his show)

Last updated at 01:54am on 28th April 2008

David Tennant is dating his second girlfriend from the Dr Who set in six months.

The 37-year-old Scot, who plays the time lord in the hit BBC1 series, is in a relationship with second assistant director Jennie Fava and has taken her on a series of romantic dates.

Miss Fava has moved to Cardiff to help film the fourth series of Dr Who and has been seen leaving his apartment in the city. The pair both adopted a dressed-down look for a theatre trip to see Equus.

"They were certainly enjoying each other's company," said an onlooker.

"You can tell they get on well."

Tennant recently split up with another BBC Wales staff member, Bethan Britton, 28, after a four-month relationship.

Miss Britton worked in the BBC contracts office in Cardiff, where Dr Who is filmed.

Last October Tennant parted ways with actress Sophia Myles after a two-year relationship, following her move to Hollywood.

They too met on set - when Miss Myles played Madame de Pompadour in a 2006 Dr Who episode.

This article is at the Daily Mail.

It seems like the press tends to make a big deal out of the fact that actors date people they work with on the set. There are plenty of people who date someone they work with, whether that work is in an office building, a factory, a hospital, etc. The set of a TV show is a place of work too. So what is the big deal about David dating women he meets at work? Where else is he going to meet someone if he spends a lot of time on the set?

Monday, April 28, 2008


David Tennant is the 'star in a reasonably priced car' tonight on the season finale of Top Gear at 8PM ET on BBC America.

Jeremy Clarkson interviews David and shows footage of his drive around the track. It's a nice interview and hilarious watching David try to get into third gear.

Sunday, April 27, 2008


This is the behind the scenes look at The Sontaran Stratagem. It is in five parts starting here.


The Doctor gets a call from a friend calling him back to Earth. The Sontaran Stratagem is in five parts with part one starting here.

Saturday, April 26, 2008


It's Sure To Be A Treat

Apr 26 2008

Derren Brown - Trick Or Treat Friday, C4, 10pm

Finding out what tricks are up Derren Brown's sleeve is virtually impossible, but we can tell you that this second series of Trick Or Treat will feature a time traveller, alias Dr Who star David Tennant.

Tonight's opener, like last year's first series, features a member of the public who makes a blind choice to choose a Trick or Treat card - the treat means something nice will happen to them, whereas the trick involves something darker.

But later in the series David Tennant takes the leap into the unknown. So how did Derren persuade him to take the risk?

"I met him at a party. He was incredibly charismatic and I really warmed to him. He said he really enjoyed the show, which I always find genuinely surprising and touching.

"We were writing the series at the time and thought it would be fun if one of the participants was well-known. He's still treated the same as any other participant. He's very open and unguarded, which is terrific."

The stunts set up for series two are a closely-guarded secret but, knowing Derren, some will be controversial.

His favourite treat from series one came when he hypnotised and coached an old lady to turn her from a modest bridge player into world-class poker player.

She came second in a big-money tournament.

His most controversial trick featured a young woman set up to believe she was having an out-of-the-body experience as she witnessed her own death in a car crash.
This story is at the Daily Record.

I've never seen or heard of this show before so I looked it up at YouTube and found the car crash clip.

I wonder what Derren will do to David.

Friday, April 25, 2008


There isn't anything new to read here, but there is a link to a slideshow of the filming of the special. I tried to link to the slideshow from here, but it doesn't work.

It's going to be great to see David work with David Morrissey again.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


I edited all the Doctor Who and Doctor Who Confidential posts to link only to the first part of each episode instead of linking to a playlist from my favorites. I am deleting all of these from my favorites. This has been done at the request of Brivinex. See the following as an explanation:

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


DConS81 has posted the next part of 'Double Income No Kids Yet. As always, it is split into three parts. Go to page five to find the newest posts.

I love this radio show!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


The Doctor Who Confidential for Planet of the Ood has five parts and starts here.

I love David saying, 'You just want to bite them'. LOL


Actor David Morrissey appeared on set alongside David Tennant as the pair filmed the next Doctor Who Christmas special.

Dozens of fans gathered in the grounds of Gloucester Cathedral to catch a glimpse of the stars of the popular BBC sci-fi show.

College Green was covered with artificial snow for a scene filmed on Monday, in which mourners in Victorian costume marched in front of a horse-drawn cart carrying a coffin.

Tennant was dressed in the Doctor's trademark ankle-length brown coat, while Morrissey was in kitted out in full period garb - a tan knee-length jacket and red waistcoat.

It is unclear who is in the coffin — but at one point Tennant stands by with a grim expression and watches the hearse pass him.

A security guard sat in front of the Tardis, which was tucked down a nearby alleyway, covered by a white sheet.

Tennant waved to the crowds as the crew prepared the intricate set and covered the surrounding historic buildings with fake snow.

Secrecy surrounds the Christmas episode's storyline, but it's believed to feature the Cybermen - the Doctor's deadliest enemies.

Gloucester is often used as a film location because of its historic buildings — the Harry Potter films have been shot in the cathedral.

Doctor Who meets Ripley Holden!

I'm glad to see David Morrissey guest star. He's such a good actor!

There are more pictures with this story at the Daily Mail.



Jul 23 2007

TEARS were shed as Doctor Who star David Tennant said a last goodbye to his loving mum.

The Paisley actor paid an emotional tribute to Helen McDonald at her funeral, telling mourners that she had “made the world a better place.”

Heartbroken David took time out from filming the hit sci-fi series in Wales at the weekend to return home to say a final farewell to Helen after she lost her brave battle with cancer.

He was joined at the funeral service by other members of the family – including his dad, the Very Rev Dr Sandy McDonald – as well as around 600 more people whose lives had been touched by 67-year-old Helen.

Caring charity worker Helen, of Dykebar, Paisley, courageously fought cancer for five years before she passed away on July 15 with David and other family members at her bedside.

David couldn’t mask his sorrow as he paid tribute.

He paused on several occasions to compose himself as he spoke of his great pride in living in the light of his mother, and being part of her family.

David told mourners: “I will always be proud of all that mum did and that she made the world a better place.

“I am privileged to have known her and received her love.

“Now that mum has gone, the world has lost a lot of its colour.”

David’s tribute came as, together with his sister Karen and brother Blair, he read passages from a Bible which Helen had been given for her 21st birthday, when she attended St George’s Tron Church in Glasgow.

Courageous Helen read sections of that very same Bible every night.

It was at St George’s Tron that Helen and her husband Sandy first met.

The Very Rev Dr James Simpson, who conducted Saturday’s funeral service at Renfrew North Parish Church, described how, shortly after that first meeting, Helen had to go into hospital and Sandy visited her there with a beautiful bouquet of white tulips.

“Helen’s mum was already in the infirmary, speaking to Helen, when Sandy came in with his flowers,” said Dr Simpson, who is a chaplain to Her Majesty the Queen. “Like most men, Sandy was a bit embarrassed about carrying the flowers, so he dropped them by the bedside and rushed out of the hospital.

“Helen’s mum told her: ‘That young man is serious about you.’

“And, soon afterwards, she and Sandy were married.”

Those happy days of Helen and Sandy’s romance were poignantly remembered by a beautiful bouquet of white tulips - just like the ones he had courted her with – which lay on the communion table throughout the funeral service.

And during the commemoration, the congregation sang inspirational hymns which had been chosen by Helen.

They included Henry Francis Lyte’s great hymn ‘Praise My Soul, The King of Heaven,’ which extols the eternity of creation and the brevity of human life.

There were tears in the eyes of many mourners during the singing of another of Helen’s favourite hymns – Horatius Bonar’s ‘I Heard The Voice Of Jesus Say, Come Unto Me And Rest.’

But there was happiness, too, because Helen didn’t want those who came to celebrate her life to leave the church downcast.

At her own request, the final hymn she chose was ‘You Shall Go Out With Joy And Be Led Forth With Peace.’

And, as the congregation sang the final lines of the chorus – ‘the trees of the fields shall clap their hands’ – everyone in the church clapped their hands together to create the sounds of joy and happiness which Helen wanted.

David, who took time out from filming a Doctor Who episode in Wales to say a final farewell to his mum, told mourners: “She wanted this to be a service of celebration and it is easy to celebrate her life.”

The celebratory aspect of the service continued right to the very end, with an unusual departure from tradition.

As he led his family from their seats in the front pews down the aisle to the vestibule to thank people for coming to the service, Sandy – a former Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland – clapped his hands and joined the congregation in singing some of Helen’s beloved gospel hymns.

During the service, Sandy thanked everyone for supporting his family in their time of tribulation – especially the Rev Lorna Hood, minister of Renfrew North, where he and Helen had made their spiritual home after ‘gypsying’ round other places during his lifetime in the ministry, which took him to charges like St Mark’s Oldhall in Paisley and incumbencies in Edinburgh and Bathgate.

Mrs Hood was unable to attend the service because she is in the United States at present.

Sandy also paid tribute to staff at Paisley’s Royal Alexandra Hospital, Charleston Medical Centre and ACCORD Hospice, as well as other carers who had looked after Helen during her long fight against cancer.

Earlier, Helen’s committal took place at a private service at Woodside Crematorium in Paisley attended by members of her family and close friends.

During her life of service to her family and community, Helen – who was highly respected for her charity work – was chair of the Paisley Friends of ACCORD Hospice.

She was also a volunteer for Arthritis Care, the WRVS, the Samaritans and elderly care charity Contact.

I just happened upon this article while looking for news about David. She sounds like she was a wonderful woman. David and his family must miss her a lot.

Monday, April 21, 2008


Phrynoss at YouTube has posted 'Partners in Crime' with the commentary track instead of the regular sound track for this episode. Have fun listening to David, Catherine Tate and Phil Collinson comment on 'Partners in Crime'.

Sunday, April 20, 2008



09:00 - 19 April 2008

Gloucester is set to be invaded by the Cybermen next week as Dr Who lands his famous Tardis in the city.Filming for the popular sci-fi drama will take place at various city landmarks including the Cathedral.

It is believed that the Doctor, played by David Tennant, will be joined in the special Christmas episode by his current companion Donna (Catherine Tate) and his former sidekick Rose (Billie Piper).

The storyline, featuring Cybermen - the Doctor's deadliest enemies - is being kept under wraps but the city's historic buildings will be transformed for the special episode.

Millers Green will be taken back in time to the Victorian days and appear as a market scene while the BBC drama team will cover the front car park of the Cathedral in snow to evoke winter.

It is believed much of the filming will take place in the evenings. Some scenes for the festive episode were shot last week at St Woolos Cemetery in Newport.

TV and film effects company, Any Effects from Surrey, will help bring the programme to life with a host of techniques.

Gloucester has become a hotspot for famous faces and a favoured location for directors after both Harry Potter and the movie Amazing Grace were filmed in Gloucester .

Playwright and Dr Who fan Barnaby Eaton-Jones said it was a great boost for Gloucester to have the popular sci-fi show filmed here.

He said: "I'm sure the city is on the list of locations after Harry Potter but it is great to hear Dr Who will be coming as well.

"I'm pretty sure the Cybermen will be involved in the episode."

Mr Eaton-Jones, who wrote and staged his own Dr Who-inspired play, said he was sure fans would come from across the country to see if they can catch a glimpse of the action.

"I'm sure the place will be packed at night this week. It is a really good thing and certainly puts Gloucester on the map."

It was also revealed yesterday that Tennant will be this year's star speaker at Cheltenham Literature Festival. The Bathgate-born actor will join his co-star from the show Catherine Tate to talk about their roles in the BBC series.

Tennant is due to speak about the challenges of playing Hamlet with the Royal Shakespeare Company, although questions from the audience are expected to focus on his life as the tenth doctor.

According to some of the reader comments for this article, this sounds like it's true. I never thought the 2008 Christmas Special would be filmed this soon, but I suppose David wouldn't have time to do it after Hamlet starts.

This article appears at


The latest episode of Doctor Who is up thanks to Brivinex. It starts here and has a total of five parts. It features the return of the squid faced Ood that were in 'The Impossible Planet' and 'The Satan Pit' in Series 2.

According to an article at the Daily Mail, 'on the planet Ood-Sphere, the pair (played by David Tennant and Catherine Tate) discover terrible truths about the human race. As the enslaved Ood struggle for survival, a secret buried for 200 years threatens to rise up and engulf them all.'

A story at the Mirror about the making of this episode states the following about David:

The 37-year-old refused to use a trained specialist to shoot fight scenes with a giant mechanical claw, doing them himself instead.

And he told how he thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Tennant said: "I wasn't doubled for any of it because it was throwing yourself around, which I enjoy."

He wore knee and elbow protectors under his clothes to smash into barrels and leap over containers.

Enjoy this weeks episode of Doctor Who!


Tennant shows off his new companion

April 20, 2008 by Katie Bodinger, Wales On Sunday

Who star celebrates 37th birthday in Cardiff

DR WHO star David Tennant took time out of his busy filming schedule to host a glitzy party for his 37th birthday – and the girl rumoured to be his new love was among the guests.

Around 100 invited guests went to the luxurious five-star St David’s Hotel and Spa in Cardiff Bay for the do on Friday night, where the birthday boy arrived wearing a navy suit.

And among those present was the show’s second assistant director Jennie Fava, who has been romantically linked with the actor.

The pretty brunette, who moved to Cardiff to help film the fourth series, has been spotted with him on a string of dates, most recently at David’s co-star John Barrowman’s concert in the Welsh capital.

Wearing a sparkly grey dress, she entered the hotel’s Roald Dahl suite with Kylie Minogue’s creative director William Baker and Dr Who production manager, Tracie Simpson.

But our showbiz spies failed to catch a glimpse of Bethan Britton, the 28-year-old from Dinas Powys who spoke earlier this year about her blossoming relationship with the Scottish actor.

Other stars present at the bash included the Bafta award-winning show’s writer Russell T Davies and voice of the Daleks, Nick Briggs.

Elizabeth Sladen, who played the Doctor’s sidekick Sarah Jane Smith with previous stars Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker, was also there.

Two huge cakes were delivered to the event, from Ogmore Vale Bakery in South Wales. One showed a cartoon drawing of Tennant standing in front of the Tardis.

An insider at the hotel said everybody enjoyed themselves well into the early hours of Saturday.

“Everyone was having a great time,” the source said. “There were a lot of Dr Who cast and crew members there, as well as family and friends. The party was still in full swing at midnight.”

This story is at

It sounds like it was a great party!

Friday, April 18, 2008


The BAFTA TV Awards are on BBC One on Sunday at 8pm. It seems the dress code has been relaxed which allows the men to wear something other than more formal tuxedos. David is going to be there and has 'promised to wear something eye-catching'.

I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures from this and to anything posted on YouTube. Can't wait to see what David's planned eye-catching attire looks like.

The story for this is at the Daily Star.


I haven't had a chance to listen to it yet, but there's another episode of Double Income No Kids Yet posted here. Go to page 5 for Series 3 Episode 3A, 3B and 3C.


Dr Who actors David Tennant and Catherine Tate have been unveiled as star speakers at this year's Times Cheltenham Literature Festival.

The pair will be talking about their work with the Royal Shakespeare Company as well as their roles in the cult BBC series.

Tennant is due to speak about the challenges of playing Hamlet, although questions from the audience are expected to focus on his life as the Tenth Doctor.

The Festival runs from October 10 to 19.

Read the entire article here.


Let's have a Banana Daiquiri to celebrate!

Screen cap from Adventures in Time & Space.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Has anyone seen the David Tennant page of the Stardoll website? I just about fell out of my chair laughing when I found this! I think they need to have more flamboyant clothes for David, though.

Personally, I'd rather be undressing David instead of dressing him. (Oops! Did I say that?)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


If you are lucky enough to live in the UK, or can afford to go to the UK, you can book tickets for Prom 13: Music from Doctor Who at the Royal Albert Hall website. It takes place on Sunday 27 July, 2008.

Programme to include:

Murray Gold
Music from the Doctor Who series* c40’

Fanfare for the Common Man 3’

The Planets – Jupiter 8’

The Torino Scale 4’
UK premiere

Die Walk├╝re – The Ride of the Valkyries 5’

Freema Agyeman presenter

London Philharmonic Choir
BBC Philharmonic
Ben Foster*, Stephen Bell conductors

A family concert featuring music from the BBC’s Doctor Who series, and including a specially filmed scene, written by Russell T Davies and starring David Tennant. There’s also a selection of classical favourites with a strong flavour of time and space.

Join Freema Agyeman (aka Martha Jones), and others from the Doctor Who cast, for an intergalactic musical adventure – with a little help from Daleks, Cybermen and other aliens from the series!

It's too bad David can't be there instead of just in a filmed scene, but he'll be busy enough with Hamlet.

My thanks to Cally for the ticket info.


The original audio commentary with David, Freema Agyeman and John Barrowman was not included on the North American DVD release. Instead there was a podcast, which was previously released on the internet, recorded with Russell T Davies, Julie Gardner and Phil Collinson. For some reason the BBC said the original commentary could not be cleared for the North American DVD. Of course, we fans were very upset about this.

Now the BBC has cleared the way to allow this commentary to be downloaded from their website. You can sync it up with your DVD and hear the correct commentary track as you watch.

I think Russell T Davies is wonderful for what he's done with Doctor Who, but I'd much rather hear David, Freema and John.

Thank you BBC!!!


Here's a picture of David with Jennie. She sure looks young to me. Or, is that because young people look younger than they used to for me.

My thanks to one of my readers for posting the link to this picture. It can be found at The Sun.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Who's Doctor Who's new 'assistant'?
Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Doctor Who star David Tennant has found himself a new 'assistant' but this time his female companion is to keep him company offset.

Tennant is now said to be dating brunette Jennie Fava, assistant director on the hit BBC TV series.

The pair have reportedly been looking 'very tight-knit' on a string of dates.

Most recently they were spotted cosying up at Tennant's co-star – John Barrowman's concert at the Millennium Centre in Cardiff.

Fava moved to Cardiff for the filming of the show's fourth series.

Tennant split from Thunderbirds actress Sophia Myles in October and has since been linked to a string of women.

Darn, it looks like I lost my chance again. (Like that's ever gonna happen.)

I looked Jennie Fava up on and found out she worked on 'The Chatterley Affair' and 'Blackpool'. I wonder if they've known one another from before. Of course, just because they both worked on those shows doesn't mean they even met one another before. Productions involve so many people.

This story is at

Thank you for giving me the link, Carole!

Monday, April 14, 2008


DOCTOR WHO actor DAVID TENNANT was almost exterminated in real life - after a deadly bout of appendicitis.
The British actor needed emergency surgery on a burst appendix - and almost died after the operation.
Tennant's friend tells British newspaper the Daily Mirror, "It was touch and go and it was feared he might not make it."
The 36-year-old - who was nine at the time of the operation - was hospitalised for two weeks.

12/04/2008 14:16

This is something I've never read about before. What an awful thing for him and his family to have gone through.

I can't stand how they use the Doctor Who terminology 'almost exterminated' for such a serious real life occurrence. Sometimes the people who write these things go a bit too far.

I wonder who the friend is.

This story was at Contact Music.


The beginning of the next installment of Doctor Who Confidential is a behind the scenes look at The Fires of Pompeii. It includes David's tour of Pompeii. There is a total of five parts of this episode.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Sorry for being so late posting this, but I've been a bit under the weather today.

Episode 2 of Series 4 starts here. There are six parts in all. Don't forget to use if you want to download this.

I'm hoping it takes awhile till Grace gets caught for posting the Doctor Who episodes. Of course, she could always start another account and continue posting.

I know it's against copyright laws, but I still want to see Doctor Who online. Even though we get these in the US, we get a cut version of what is shown in the UK. And, I still plan on watching them on SciFi and buying the Series 4 DVD set.

Enjoy The Fires of Pompeii!

Saturday, April 12, 2008


Here's something I've never seen anyone upload to YouTube before.....Doctor Who Confidential. Right after Doctor Who goes off on BBC One, Doctor Who Confidential airs on BBC Three. This is behind the scenes for Episode 1 of Series 4, Partners in Crime. There are a total of five parts for 'A Noble Return'.

Much thanks to the wonderful Brivinex for posting this along with Partners in Crime.

Friday, April 11, 2008


Following the hugely popular Children In Need concert in 2006, a new Doctor Who musical extravaganza has been announced.

The Doctor Who Prom, due to take place this July, will celebrate music from the show, alongside other compositions related to time and space. These include Holst's The Planets - Jupiter and Wagner's Die Walkure - the Ride of the Valkyrie.

The event will be hosted by Freema Agyeman, and feature a specially pre-recorded scene starring David Tennant and written by Russell T Davies.

The 2008 Proms season takes place from Friday 18 July to Saturday 13 September. Exact details of the Doctor Who Prom, and how you can attend, will be announced shortly.

This story is at the BBC Doctor Who website.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Billie Piper Getting Married - Click here for the most popular videos

Here's another video from Metacafe with David in it. He's not in the entire video. He's right at the beginning and then again around 4 minutes into the video.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


David Tennant Outside Radio 1 - More amazing video clips are a click away

I came across a video sharing site called Metacafe and found this video of David outside of BBC Radio 1. He's signing autographs and getting his picture taken with fans.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


For anyone who's been listening (and enjoying the pictures to go along with all of it), there's been an update to Double Income No Kids Yet. Series 3 Episode 2A, 2B and 2C have been posted. And, things get a bit steamy at the end of 2C!

Go here and go to the bottom of page 4 to get to the new postings.

Monday, April 7, 2008


From The Sunday Times
April 6, 2008

It’s ok to think Doctor Who is gay, says David Tennant

Last night David Tennant returned to the small screen as Doctor Who. The 36-year-old is considered by many viewers to be the best incarnation yet. Far from milking his celebrity, though, he hardly ever speaks to the press and is wary of adding his name to worthy causes. In this rare interview, his former landlady talks to him about his religious background, his hybrid car and his views on fame. She also reveals what she knows about his steely character and his flamboyant take on clothes
Since he was just three years old, David Tennant has passionately wanted the role of Doctor Who. No doubt he wasn’t the only one who thought he could play a Time Lord – but it was an unlikely aspiration for a boy who, like Gordon Brown, was a son of the manse.

And unlike all those other little boys, he did indeed grow up to play the Doctor – currently in his 10th incarnation on Saturday night television.

His father, the Rev Sandy McDonald, is a Church of Scotland minister in Paisley, near Glasgow. So David went to church regularly all through his childhood – and his father also happened to be the minister for his primary school.

According to David, Sandy is “a dramatic, lively, engaging and entertaining speaker” (and I can attest to this, having seen him in the pulpit).

Was it witnessing the effect and popularity of his father’s addresses, I ask, that drove him towards acting as a career?

“Possibly. I was very young when I decided that’s what I wanted to do, so it’s hard to know how much of a conscious influence Dad was.

“I remember, after seeing Jon Pert-wee turn into Tom Baker in Doctor Who, having a conversation with my parents at a very young age about actors and what they did. I remember getting the distinction between a character and an actor, as they explained it. I understood what fiction was very clearly – and I always feel uneasy when people talk about children not understanding the difference between fantasy and reality.

“I can only have been three, and was just enthralled by [Doctor Who]. But I was quite clear that I didn’t want to be a Time Lord – I wanted to be the person who played a Time Lord,” says David, who had to change his surname to Tennant when he started acting because there was already a David McDonald in Equity, the actors’ union.

His parents, though always encouraging and supportive, tried to steer him towards more secure careers.

However, David tells me that he “never once wavered” from his chosen path – rather extraordinary, considering that he’d decided on his future while still a preprimary school toddler. Steeliness is probably his defining characteristic – and he was obviously just as steely then as he is now.

We know each other well, having first met in October 1993. As a jobbing actor, I’d gone to Glasgow to play a part in a series called Takin’ Over the Asylum – about a hospital radio station based in a mental health facility. My first scene was with a young Scottish actor – it was of course David, who was playing a bipolar teenager.

He was 22 and had only just started acting, yet his confidence and determination were extraordinary. We hit it off straightaway, and early the following year he moved to London where he rented a room in my house for five years.

His subsequent success owes much to his aforementioned steeliness. That is not to say he’s ruthless, unkind or lacking in generosity; quite the contrary. But he is absolutely determined – in fact enviably so for a man in a business that positively engenders insecurity and self-doubt.

He has always been able to look after himself. At 17 he left home to go to live in Glasgow – first with his older sister and then with a succession of fellow students – until he graduated from drama school in 1991. This made him unusually self-suffi-cient for his years.

And he’s very organised. When we lived together I was always teasing him about his alphabetised CDs, for example.

Still single (the tabloids have, usually erroneously, linked him with various women, including Kylie Min-ogue), David is pretty careful in all his choices. The only area in which he goes positively mad is in his choice of clothes. In fact his wardrobe can be very flamboyant, which is why those who know him quickly gave him the monicker of “metrosexual”.

In the early days many of my friends (principally male, I’ll admit), thought that he must be gay. “He has to be – you’re his best friend, and look at the way he dresses,” they’d protest.

Leaving aside the suggestion that an association with me reflects on a man’s sexuality, I had to break it to them that just because a guy wears a red velvet suit and is able to form a close friendship with a woman he isn’t sleeping with doesn’t necessarily mean he’s homosexual.

David, meanwhile, took all this teasing in his stride; he is so unmacho and fair-minded that the speculation about his sexuality never bothered him . “Why would it?” he’d say. Now, that’s what I call a real metrosexual.

In all the time I’ve known David he’s never been out of work. It’s not that he is the best actor in the world – it’s more that his success is down to a fusion of talent and unshakable self-belief.

It’s quite bizarre witnessing how famous he’s become. Often, when we go out together, large groups of women will visibly go weak at the knees. Does he mind being pestered by fans?

“It comes with the territory,” he says. “Some days it’s tricky; other days, not at all – and, anyway, who am I to complain about how hard it is to be famous? It’s not.”

Unlike some, David doesn’t leap indiscriminately at the endless party invitations and goodies offered to celebrities; he’s also increasingly reluctant to give print interviews.

Is this because he’s a control freak, I suggest, and doesn’t like the idea of not being able to control what’s written about him?

“Erm, it is slightly controlling of me, I agree,” he says. “But it’s all too easy to become defined by your press cuttings. I’m much happier going on a radio show and talking nonsense for 20 minutes. I’m an actor, after all.”

He also subscribes to the Marlon Brando take on actors who sound off about world affairs: “Just because a guy’s famous doesn’t make what he thinks interesting.”

But, I point out, I know he cares about climate change – and he did just buy a hybrid car.

“Exactly,” he replies. “Now, I’m clearly no Al Gore, but I liked the idea of doing my bit. And then you get someone telling you that the environ-mental cost in manufacturing a [Toy-ota] Prius [petrol-electric car] is worse than driving some gas-guzzling monster for 10 years.

“I have no idea what the truth is, although of course I should have found out. The person who told me that may have a grudge against Toy-ota. So I really don’t want to get into the trap of sounding off about anything I don’t know enough about. It’s very easy to get seduced into believing your opinion is informed just because people ask you for it.”

What about using celebrity to promote a worthwhile cause – isn’t that a good idea?

“It is a fact that sprinkling a bit of celebrity over certain causes probably can make a difference. And maybe it’s pompous to sit at home thinking that I want to preserve my integrity when, actually, if you waved a wee flag for something, it might make a few quid for a worthy cause.

“It’s a balancing act that I find a bit of a struggle, to be honest. Mostly I just muddle through, trying to do the decent thing from moment to moment.

“Is it churlish to have the power to influence things and choose not to because you fear being misrepre-sented? I don’t know. I don’t manage to be consistent about it, anyway. I’m never sure how vain to be.”

It takes a cool head not to be inflated by the news that fans voted him the best Doctor Who of all time, in a BBC magazine survey. And they will certainly be pleased to know that David hasn’t come close to tiring of his Time Lord role yet. Indeed there are three feature-length specials on the horizon.

Meanwhile, he is about to take on the arguably more challenging role of Hamlet for the Royal Shakespeare Company. Naturally, he’s quite nervous about scaling this particular rock-face – but then, if he weren’t, he’d probably cock it up. “I always have that Presbyterian voice in my head, saying, ‘Could do better’,” he admits. “But I quite like that.”

The new series of Doctor Who continues on Saturdays on BBC1

This wonderful insight into David comes from Times Online.

I really like this article. It seems like Arabella Weir knows him pretty well. I found out things I never knew about David......such as alphabetizing his CD's! LOL

Sunday, April 6, 2008


DOCTOR Who star David Tennant has been dumped by his blonde lover, the News of the World can reveal.

The Timelord—back on TV with a new series last night —has been given the elbow by BBC beauty Bethan Britton.

She decided to exterminate their four-month relationship after getting fed up with David's gruelling filming schedule.

Heartbroken Bethan, 28, confided to pals she couldn't see a future with the actor, but they've been trying to keep the love split under wraps. Tennant, 36, gave no hint of his secret heartache when he appeared with co-star Catherine Tate on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross two days ago. Last night a pal of Bethan, who works at the BBC in Cardiff where the show is made, said: "She's a lovely girl with a big heart.

"But she was hardly seeing David because he's so busy.

"She became increasingly fed up of spending her nights alone and couldn't see how they could plan a future together. David may play the Timelord, but because of his schedule he couldn't give Bethan much time."

Tennant has previously dated actresses Sophia Myles, Keira Malik and Anne-Marie Duff.

This article was at News of the World.

Now, I know there are people who are going to comment that they probably never dated. And, I know we never saw a picture of them together. That doesn't mean it never happened. Maybe they were extra careful about being seen out together. Maybe the time they spent together wasn't spent at places where they would be seen by many press people.....such as houses of friends and family, and David's place. Of course, it's still possible they never did date. I don't personally know David or Bethan. I know nothing of their private lives. I'm just putting this on my blog since it was a story about David that I found online.

If they did date, I feel bad for David on a personal level. It must be hard to have much of a personal life when he has such a busy filming schedule, makes appearances for Doctor Who, and has commitments to charities. His career is at its all time high and it takes a lot of commitment on his part.

I can see where he wouldn't have the time it takes for much of a personal relationship. It could be hard for someone dating him to wait for him to have time. I do believe, though, if someone loved him enough she would be understanding and would wait for him. So, if David and Bethan were really an item, maybe this relationship just wasn't meant to be.

Of course, if I were a few years younger, wasn't married, and lived in the UK.......

Saturday, April 5, 2008


Here's the first part of the first episode of series 4 for Doctor Who. There are a total of six parts for this episode. Watch is before YouTube takes it down.


Here's the entire Jonathan Ross interview with David and Catherine Tate. This was uploaded to YouTube by sjb2371.

Friday, April 4, 2008


This is the first I've seen of anything from tonight's Jonathon Ross show. I'm hoping the whole show gets put on YouTube.


From June, 2001 to November, 2003, David starred in a radio show called 'Double Income No Kids Yet'. Lately, BBC 7 has been repeating it. It has slowly been uploaded (with pictures added for our visual appreciation) to YouTube by DConS81. As more episodes are uploaded, I'll post about the updates.

David plays Dan and Elizabeth Carling plays his wife, Lucy. They're a childless couple who see their friends having kids and seem to have no interest in having their own kids. Will they always want to remain childless? Or, will they change their minds as time goes by? Listen (while watching the pictures of David) and find out.

Thursday, April 3, 2008


By Neil Smith
Entertainment reporter, BBC News

Doctor Who star David Tennant and his latest assistant Catherine Tate have attended the launch of the BBC show's fourth series in central London.

Neither would be drawn, however, on their future in the programme beyond the three specials planned for 2009.

"I want David to stay on forever," said Russell T Davies, the show's executive producer and chief writer.

When quizzed about his own future with the programme, Davies told reporters it was "none of their business".

"I'm committed as long as I'm committed," continued the Welsh writer, the main creative force behind the long-running show's 2005 reinvention.

"Never mind what happens behind the scenes, it's what happens on Saturday night that's important."

"I don't think Russell is about to leave," said Tennant. "I think he's about to start writing the specials."


In the first of two episodes screened on Tuesday, the Doctor was seen being reunited with Donna Noble - Tate's character from 2006 Christmas special The Runaway Bride.

The second saw the pair transported to ancient Pompeii on the eve of Mount Vesuvius's eruption - impressively rendered in a computer-generated sequence Tennant called "gob-smacking".

The actors were joined by several cast members from series four, among them Peter Capaldi and Tim McInnerny.

Former Doctor Who baddie Simon Pegg was also in attendance, alongside Elisabeth Sladen, aka one-time assistant Sarah Jane Smith.

Pegg, to be seen next year as the young Scotty in the forthcoming Star Trek prequel, said the two episodes had been "wonderful".

Future instalments will see the Doctor meeting Agatha Christie, confronting classic villains the Sontarans and catching up with his former assistant Rose, played by Billie Piper.


Asked whether he had wanted Piper's return to be kept secret, Davies said it was inevitable her comeback would be revealed prematurely.

"It's a nice bit of buzz and there's lots of excitement, so there's no harm in the end."

He was less accommodating, however, when asked about Doctor Who's new time slot - 1820 BST on Saturday evenings.

"It's not a time slot I agree with," he said. "I'd rather it went out later [at 1900].

"But we've been told that it's a gateway to the whole Saturday night. We'll see on Monday morning what it's like."

Unlike Rose and her successor Martha Jones, played by Freema Agyeman, Tate's character has no romantic feelings for Tennant's time-travelling hero.

"Donna knows he's an alien," joked the comedian and actress. "She knows he's got two hearts and she doesn't want to see what else he's doubled up on.

"There was so much sexual tension off-screen, it would have been boring to have to watch it as well."

'New dynamic'

"We've had a love story, we've had an unrequited love story - let's have a non-love story," remarked Tennant.

"The Doctor's very different with Donna than he was with Martha or Rose. I think it sets the series off on a whole new dynamic."

Tennant also promised the season finale would be "the biggest, boldest, maddest, saddest, most exciting story we've ever done".

Tuesday's audience was treated to a sneak peak at future episodes that included a brief glimpse of a Dalek.

Asked if this heralded the return of legendary villain Davros, however, Tennant and Davies remained as tight-lipped as ever.

Speculation has been rife over who will play the Doctor's nemesis should he return to the show, with David Bowie and Sir Ben Kingsley just two of the names mooted.

"I'm sure we'll find someone marvellous to play him, if that were ever to happen," Tennant shrugged.

Doctor Who returns to BBC One on 5 April at 1820 BST.

I can hardly wait to see Series 4!

This can be found at the BBC News website.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


First Look: Doctor Who. Verdict: Catherine Tate not bad. David Tennant great as ever

Last week, I was invited to BBC Television Centre to watch the first two episodes of the new series of Doctor Who. I would have reported on this sooner if pain of death and utter confidentiality hadn't been threatened and promised. I enjoyed the last series, but not as much as the previous three, and there were some serious questions lingering in the back of my mind. David Tennant is just amazing in all he does, so his portrayal of the Timelord wasn't an issue. For me the key questions were: Could a series that slightly lost its way get back on track? And, perhaps the burner, could Catherine Tate make her casting as the Doctor's assistant look like a masterstroke of utter genius, despite most Who fans dissing her appointment?

We were all ushered along the labyrinthine corridors of the BBC into a small screening room (looked like a university lecture theatre). There were nibbles - crisps and dips and crudites. But I digress.

A man fired up the TV/DVD and off we went. The first episode, let me warn you, is a comedy episode. Not stand-up, not Laurel and Hardy, but frothy, daft entertainment. I can't say too much even though the series starts this coming Saturday night, but for the first 15 minutes, Donna (Tate) and the Doctor, although investigating the same strange goings on, conspired to just miss each other. In one scene, they were in the same office trying to get hold of the same information, but when the Doctor stood up, Donna looked down etc etc. It was nicely done, but I did wonder whether this kind of just missing each other would wear. The moment they finally came together was a real delight... a very funny scene.

The basic plot was this - a nefarious head of a corporation (Sarah Lancashire) is trying to flog dieting pills. The public are lapping it up, but things are starting to go wrong. Lancashire's character controls what happens to the fat once it leaves a pill user's body (all I'm saying is Moomins), and you can bet everything isn't quite what it seems.

An enjoyable, fun, utterly daft yet low-key start to the series. Six out of 10.

Next up was an episode that was just dynamite. With Donna now fully in tow, the pair of them land in Rome... except it's not Rome, it's Pompeii... mere hours before the big volcano explosion. The Tardis goes missing, the two Ds befriend a family who Donna wants to save but the Doctor does not, and there are scary soothsayers, heartbreak and mad rock monsters. Now this is what I'm talking about - dark, sometimes scary, emotional. Doctor Who at its best, and the episode guest-stars the wonderful Phil Davis and Peter Capaldi.

All-in-all I enjoyed it. The first episode is a bit throw-away, but there are some nice moments, some high comedy and a bit of adventure. The second ep blew me away.

I've been wondering whether Tate could cut it, and I have to say she did a good job (or certainly a better job than I was expecting). My only worry is that she did lapse into her comedy character Cockney from time-to-time, but she did have more ooopmh than Freema and was a genuinely different character to the assistants before her. It may take a bit of time to shed her comedy baggage.

What a lucky guy to get to see the first two episodes before the TV audience sees them. I'm hoping we Americans get an advanced look online before the episodes make it to our TV screens.

This story appears at TV Scoop.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


David is on the list of Best-Dressed Men in Britain for 2008. He comes in at #35. You can see the entire list at Live News.

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