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Wednesday, March 19, 2008


New Series Trailer - Next Saturday
March 17, 2008 • Posted By Marcus

The BBC has confirmed that the Season Four cinema trailer will make its debut on British Television on Saturday 22nd March 2008. As well as being shown on BBC One around 7pm, the preview will be available on the official BBC Website.

With David Tennant and Catherine Tate now confirmed as guests on the BBC1 Jonathan Ross show on Friday 4th April, it is looking likely that the series will return to BBC1 on Saturday 5th April 2008.

18th March Update: The new edition of the Radio Times has the trailer listed as Doctor Who Series Four Preview, between the film Toy Story and casting show I'll Do Anything at about 7:05pm.

(note: the BBC website have corrected a previous broadcast date of 29th March as reported yesterday)

I know Series 4 starts on April 18, 2008 on SciFi. Of course, SciFi's Series 4 starting episode is 'Voyage of the Damned', the 2007 Christmas Special. This means the episode broadcast on April 5 in the UK, 'Partners in Crime', will be aired on April 25 in the US. That doesn't mean we have to wait 20 days to see it though. I'll be sure to give information about where to find a pre-broadcast version of the episode as soon as I find it. ;-)

Is anyone else getting excited about Series 4?

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Leslie said...

I am! I am! It'll be nice to watch it on tv, and not on my laptop with a sucky wifi connection.

Anonymous said...

Yeah,,I hope the launching date(5th April) to be confirmed by BBC as soon as possible.
I've been waiting for so long.

meso said...

hey, i dont know if you're on facebook at all, but im a fan of david on there, and it give us lovely updates, this one just came in, thought you'd be interested:
Ask David Anything! Send Your Question Now!
4:42pm Today
The Friday Night Project are looking for huge fans of David to come along to London Studios next Thursday evening (27/04/08) and quiz David in "Ask Me Anything" - the part of the show where the audience get to ask the guest host everything and anything! If you're interested in grilling David then please email

meso said...

by the way, i realise that you live in the US, they also just let you send in questions...

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