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Friday, March 21, 2008


Doctor delight
Kevin Maguire 19/03/2008

In his never-ending fight against David Cameron's Cybercons, Gordon Brown has enlisted a powerful ally: Doctor Who, aka David Tennant.

The Time Lord's a good man to have on your side, so Tennant's lavish praise at a Labour fundraiser must be worth a few seats.

The Doctor shuddered at the memory of the reign of the Maggie monster in the 80s then confessed he was "thrille d, delighted and frankly overwhelmed" to be with Brown.

As endorsements go, that's as good as it gets. A flushed female union leader called him a sex god. Tennant, not Brown.

So next time the Cybercons' leader claims Britain's going back to the 70s, the PM should take him in the Tardis to prove it's untrue.

But before that Brown needs a new gag writer after a quip at the Old Etonian posturing as a New Tory was about as as deadly as Mickey Mouse.

"In the next series if your Daleks suddenly become change Daleks, if they become environmental Daleks, if they become familyfriendly Daleks, remember the Daleks never change their spots," he joked.

Spots? Daleks have metal panels. Exterminate that gag!

The Cybercons is a term this article is using for the Conservative Party in the UK. Gordon Brown is in the Labour Party, the party David supports. I don't know much beyond this about UK politics. I had to look this up at Wikipedia.

This article is at the Mirror.


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