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Thursday, March 6, 2008


Rumors keep popping up about the BBC's time-travel show Doctor Who, including persistent reports that David Tennant will definitely leave the show before or during 2009's three TV movies, and a replacement has been named. (The show's fifth season doesn't air until 2010.) And now some drastic reports have popped up about the show's adult spin-off about a secret alien-hunting organization, Torchwood. Whether these reports have even a sliver of truth, major changes look increasingly likely next year.

According to the rumors, David Tennant is definitely leaving Doctor Who next year, to be replaced by Robert Carlyle (from Transpotting and The Full Monty.) (This part of the rumor has already been debunked, by Carlyle himself.)

Meanwhile, sources claim Torchwood will look very different in its third season. It'll lose three of its main characters: Captain Jack (John Barrowman), Owen (Burn Gorman) and Tosh (Naoko Mori.) Of those three, Captain Jack may guest star in a few episodes. Meanwhile, Martha (Freema Agyeman), who recently guest-starred on Torchwood, will join the spin-off's cast full-time. And the show will be more family-friendly and air in the same time-slot as Doctor Who. It may also have fewer episodes and serve as a sort of "filler" show for when Who is off the air.

I wonder if this rumor is like all the others....untrue. I sure hope David isn't leaving. The fact that Robert Carlyle has denied being Doctor 11, makes this sound like another confabulation.

I hope the 'Torchwood' rumor isn't true either. It wouldn't be as good being more family oriented. And, it wouldn't be 'Torchwood' without Captain Jack!

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Anonymous said...

Here is the original article which stirred up the controversy:

It is riddled with factual inaccuracies including the following:

- Filming has been underway on the four Doctor Who specials. In fact they are still filming series 4

- The first of these will be the 2008 Christmas Special followed by two specials in the year and ending with the 2009 Christmas special which is in its final six weeks of production now. There are to be three specials. Considering what was said in my first point, there is no way that they could have finished the 2009 Christmas episode.

- Tennant will officially have left the series in two weeks time when he finishes filming the final moments of the 2009 Christmas Special. This is just nonsense when you consider the above.

Sharon Brown said...

You're so right about the factual inaccuracies. David had said in a Radio Times interview he'll start working on the 2009 specials on January 10, after he's done with Hamlet and Love's Labour's Lost.

The press has been saying he's leaving since the day he started. LOL

sarah said...

like everything else, i'll believe it the day David states it himself ( or Russel T Davies... ok... i would take his word too ! lol )

And for Torchwood, although it might be possible that Barrowman wants to move on to something else at one point or another, it sounds like nonsense to air the two shows at the same time, and to make them both family shows.. they would just end up trying to steal audience from one another... BBC's too smart to do that, i hope...

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