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Saturday, February 16, 2008

NINE 1/2 MINUTES (2002)

This is a very strange short film which has a couple meeting on a blind date and having a whole relationship (from meeting to breaking up) in 9 1/2 minutes. David plays Charlie and Zoe Telford plays Heather.

Sorry about the video being out of sync with the sound. This is the best quality I've been able to find without it being so small you can hardly see the picture. If I could find a free program (since I'm not rich)for downloading asx files, I could possibly get better quality from downloading off of the BBC's website. If you want to see it in sync, click on the link and watch the itsy bitsy video on their website.


Anonymous said...

What an odd little film...

meso said...

being an avid david (wow... typing that feels as if i'm missing a letter) fan, i loved 9 1/2 minutes. it was such a quirky film and he did really well in it :)

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