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Monday, February 4, 2008


Thanks to BUMCHEESEUNITED for uploading this. It's best to watch it online since we won't get the full version in the US. Everything shown on SciFi and BBC America is cut down.

Now, about the episode. The theme music is a bit rocked up. They didn't need to change it, but I like the new version. I wonder if all of next season's theme is like this or if it's just for this episode. I can't see them going to all the trouble of changing it for just one episode.

The Titanic is fantastic! Great graphics! It's just beautiful to look at. If it weren't called the Titanic, I'd like to take a voyage on it.....especially with the Doctor. OK. I'd really like to be on it even though it is the Titanic.....because it would be with the Doctor. I'm such a Whovian!

I like the story. It's a lot like a disaster movie with the Doctor in it. Who better to come to the rescue! And, like any disaster movie, not everyone survives. I won't tell who lives and who dies. That would just spoil it for you.

Kylie Minogue is very good as Astrid Peth. She made me like Astrid quite a lot. Her character is very feminine and very strong at the same time. She's the kind of woman who fits well with the Doctor. Kylie fit David very well too. They have a nice chemistry together on screen. It makes me want to see more of the Doctor with Astrid. But, will that happen? Watch and see.


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