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Monday, February 11, 2008


Who’s next for the Doctor?

DOCTOR WHO series four leaves hapless assistant Donna racing round the stratosphere alone when the Timelord goes missing.

Donna – played by Catherine Tate – fears for the Doctor’s life when he mysteriously disappears and draws support from an unlikely source.

Former assistants Rose Tyler, Martha Jones, Sarah Jane Smith and Captain Jack all rush to her aid.

The fearless foursome then scour the universe in search of the Doctor – battling a whole host of alien life-force.

Strange species in the new series include the return of squid-faced slave-race The Ood, plus a mysterious hooded being and dangerous flying beasts.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom – the fourth series even sees the Doctor try his hand at romance when he shares a shock smooch with Donna.

Elsewhere, Sarah Lancashire leads an epic cast of guest stars as evil Miss Foster.

And there’s a shock in store when actress Georgia Moffett – whose real-life dad is former Doctor Who Peter Davison – claims to be the Timelord’s daughter.

The new BBC1 series begins in the spring and also features cameos by stars including Felicity Kendal, Lesley Sharp, Lindsey Coulson, and Tim McInnerny.

This article is dated February 11, 2008 and is at The Sun.

I was right. The Doctor does kiss Donna!


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