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Wednesday, February 20, 2008


21 February - 13 March 2008
Thursday 6.30 - 7pm

The Radio 4 talk show with a twist returns. Catherine Tate takes the host's chair as she talks to David Tennant

Chain Reaction gives the audience two entertainers for the price of one on a series that is spontaneous, revealing and very funny. Dispensing with the formality of a regular host, last week’s interviewee become this week’s interviewer instead. It is tag-team interviewing with some of the brightest stars of the entertainment field.

Recorded in front of an audience, this fourth series is a four parter, with some of the biggest names from the world of entertainment interviewing others whose work they appreciate and admire. The interviews focused on the life, career and the passions of the interviewee but often proved to be as revealing about the interviewer.

Each interviewer has a different style and each pairing has its own unique rapport; a simple idea for a highly entertaining series.

Programme 1 of 4

The talk show with a twist begins with Catherine Tate playing host to interview - or mercilessly tease David Tennant about growing up a science fiction fan, his love of acting and his success as Dr. Who.

This sounds like a fun show to listen to! And, we get two weeks of David since he will be interviewing someone on the next show. I wonder who. Personally, I'd like to hear him interview John Simm.

Please note that the broadcast time given is GMT. Adjust the time as need be for your area. In the US, that means it's broadcast at 1:30PM ET, 12:30PM CT, 11:30AM MT and 10:30AM PT. Check out your time here.

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