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Friday, February 8, 2008


David is featured in the latest issue of the Radio Times which goes behind the scenes of last months Covers Party.

They have a quick chat with him:

On the RT Party:
"It's great to see everyone - plus I was on five covers, so that's a really nice thing. But I can't party too hard - I'm back on set in Cardiff tomorrow at 7am.."

On Doctor Who:
"We're still working on the new series, but then I've got the whole of May off. I start rehearsals for Hamlet in Stratford-Upon-Avon in June, and I'm doing that from July until 9 January next year - on 10 January I'm back to Cardiff to start making the 2009 Doctor Who Specials. And after that I don't know. Nothing has been decided...honestly!"

On landing a film role:
"It's not something I'm thinking about. My aspirations don't really go beyond the next thing I'm doing. Besides I don't want to disappoint myself. But I would love to have been in a Robert Altman or Hitchcock film. Actually, there's a thought for Doctor Who - but who would you get to play Hitchcock?

I found this at

It sounds like he's really going to need the whole month off to rest up for his busy "Hamlet" schedule. Don't forget, he's also going to be in "Love's Labour's Lost" during part of the time he's doing Hamlet.


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