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Saturday, February 23, 2008


Radio review

Elisabeth Mahoney
The Guardian, Friday February 22 2008

So wildly enthusiastic was the audience response on Chain Reaction (Radio 4), you did rather wonder what the production team had been handing out before recording. But it had nothing to do with strong drink or free money. The extensive approbation was due to there being a doctor in the house: Doctor Who. "What a shame," said interviewer Catherine Tate to David Tennant as the crowd whooped, "they don't like you."

It was the first of many gags in a lively, likable encounter. Thanks to Tate's quirky interview technique - shout at your subject, insult them, tease them, anything for a laugh - it wasn't revelatory about Tennant as an actor, but it was very funny. I liked Tennant sending up Tate's interest in astrology ("because of the hour I was born, I've got Gemini in my back pocket") and her lampooning of his liking for all things intergalactic.

Tate's disdain for spacey matters came out as she admitted having never seen a Star Wars film ("there's more than one?" she cried in horror), though she did love Space Dust as a child. "It was the most exciting thing I thought I'd ever put in my mouth," she said with a ripe old cackle.

This was at The Guardian.

I listened to the show. It was very entertaining. David and Catherine get along very well with one another. It's a fantastic show! You can listen to it here while it's still available.


meso said...

thanks for posting that link, i wasnt sure where to find it :) they do seem to have a great time together - looking forward to season 4 to see their chemistry on set instead of just hearing it on air!

Sarah said...

Thank you so much for posting it !! The parts about astrology, and meeting George Lucas in the middle of his crème brûlée were absolutely hilarious !!! And, being french, I have to say I adore the way he pronounces the name of my favourite desert !! lol

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