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Monday, January 14, 2008


13 January 2008

EXCLUSIVE Timelord 's blonde says: David 's a great guy, we ARE an item and I love being with him.
By Katie Hind Katie.Hind@People.Co.Uk

The blonde dating Doctor Who star David Tennant has told of their love and smiled: "Yes, we are an item."

Bbc beauty Bethan Britton, 28, confirmed: "I am seeing David and am extremely happy.

"He's a great guy and I love being with him. It's a serious relationship. Things are going well."

Bethan works in the BBC contracts office in Cardiff where Doctor Who is filmed. She met David, 36, on the set.

She confirmed she has been dating the Timelord actor - who kissed Kylie Minogue in the Doctor Who Christmas special - for "a few months". The People revealed in November that Bethan was seeing David.

She slipped out of his Cardiff apartment to her car at 2am - wearing HIS pyjamas under a jacket.

Bethan lives with her parents Tom and Teresa in the Cardiff suburb of Dinas Powys.

Mr Britton, 55, said: "David is very nice and my Bethan is the loveliest girl you could ever meet.

"He seems a suitable match for her. I wish them every happiness."

The couple were reunited after New Year apart. David visited his father in Scotland while Bethan was working.

A friend of Bethan's family said: "She's a down-to-earth Welsh girl."

David dumped Thunderbirds star Sophia Myles, 27, last October.

Doctor Who won an audience of 12.2million at Christmas - its best viewing figures since the show was revived in 2005.

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This is sounding better all the time about Bethan. Her dad certainly seems to approve.


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