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Monday, January 14, 2008


Timelord turns into Dr Glue

DOCTOR Who fans can now get themselves an extra fix of the time-traveller – by building models of the Tardis and actor David Tennant.

Classic toy firm Airfix has added a 100-piece kit to its planes and cars ranges.

The Doctor Who series also features a create-your-own version of the Timelord’s previous side-kick Martha, played by Freema Agyeman, 28.

Each of the £24.99 boxed sets comes with various individual parts, paints and glue. The eight-inch Tardis also features futuristic light and sound effects.

Hornby Hobbies boss Frank Martin said: “Doctor Who’s resurgence on our screens has seen it become a massive hit with families around the country and it seemed a perfect fit with our vision for Airfix and the future of modelling.

“The Tardis has been an iconic feature of British entertainment for more than 40 years.”

I found this at The Sun.

Wow! They really did a good job on the Doctor doll. It looks a lot like David!


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