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Thursday, January 24, 2008


David plays Richard, a town undertaker in a North England town where he also writes obituaries for the local paper. It's love at first sight for Richard when he meets an aspiring Hollywood actress (played by Vinessa Shaw) while she is on a visit to his town. She returns home and he follows her to Hollywood, setting up the light romantic comedy which shows the newcomer gaining experience about the goings on in Hollywood.

David's interview, when he was filming "L.A Without a Map", is right after the movie.

Nice movie that shows off David's comedic talents. The part where he has a fire in the kitchen is a riot. You'll also laugh a lot when he's getting ready to go out and is singing "Creepy Connection".

Language warning: There's a lot of swearing. The F word is used quite a number of times.


Erica said...


I found your blog about a month ago and just wanted to say thanks for doing such a nice job. You post a lot of awesome links. I'd been wanting to see this film for awhile now so this was great!


Sharon Brown said...

Thank you. I like sharing my love of David Tennant with his other fans. :-)

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