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Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Barrowman praises Tennant for reviving Dr Who

world entertainment news - Tuesday, January 29 02:30 pm

Actor John Barrowman is pleased his former co-star Christopher Eccleston is no longer part of the Doctor Who cast - because his replacement David Tennant is a "happier" presence on set.

Barrowman was recruited in 2005 to play Captain Jack in the cult sci-fi TV show - just months before Eccleston quit to be replaced in the title role by Tennant.

And the 40-year-old insists the addition of Tennant helped lighten the mood of the whole cast.

He says, "I found the set to be a lighter one with David than it had been with Christopher in the lead role. I think David is a happier person, whereas I found Chris to be a bit angry."

But the Scotland-born actor admits he had some difficulty filming with fellow Scot Tennant: "When David Tennant and I began filming together in early spring 2007, the hardest part for me was to resist speaking to him in a Scottish accent."

This article was at Yahoo News for UK & Ireland.

I liked Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor, but I noticed his portrayal was a bit darker than David's portrayal. David's Doctor seems to be happier than Chris's, which fits in with what John said. It seems to me that David really loves playing the Doctor. Christopher Eccleston didn't seem to love it as much.

I know I'm very happy with David in "Doctor Who"!


prChung said...

Eccleston's Doctor was a darker character, and it's undoubtedly true that he did seem "angry", but really, could Barrowman perhaps state that instead of throwing Eccleston under the bus? Tennant's portrayal is lighter, but neither him or Barrowman would be where they're at now if it were not for Russell T. Davies casting Eccleston.

Sarah des Bois said...

I just watched the "Utopia" episode last night ( that's as far as we've got, here in France ) and you can really feel a genuine chemistry working beetween Tennant and Barrowman, which didn't strike me that much with Eccleston... I liked Eccleston's doctor, I must say... I didn't know David Tennant when he first appeared on Dr Who, and my initial reaction was " Oooh nooo !!!" Then, of course, Tennant's Doctor grew on me :)
But Jack Harkness being, in my opinion, a "fun" and slighlty tongue in cheek character, it's obvious that he's more compatible with David's Doctor... Anyway, duing the whole Utopia episode, the two of them gave me a wonderful" good old days are back" feeling !! Which is strange since they never actually played together before !

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