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Thursday, December 27, 2007


In this fine UK movie originally broadcast on February 25, 2007, we find David playing a man whose life and personality are forever changed as the result of a brain injury. David's portrayal of this character is extraordinary! He has that vacant look in his eyes like someone brain damaged would have. He really did his homework on what happens to someone who has had a massive brain injury.

I can't get over how different he is in this movie compared to the other roles I've seen him play. There isn't a trace of the Doctor in him. He truly is an amazing actor! His acting blew me away! He really deserves an award for this.

Sarah Parish is also amazing as David's wife. It's so easy to feel empathy for her trying to hold it all together amidst the huge change in her life. It's like she's lost the man she fell in love with even though he's still alive. All of a sudden, she has another child to care for in place of the man she married. It's almost like there is no longer a father there for their two sons. Her struggle to cope with all this is so real.

This movie has nudity, but it isn't gratuitous. We see David's bum a few times. (Always a plus!) There's also a bit of backside nudity with Sarah Parish. The only thing involving anything sexual is not really seen. It's mentioned that David's character is masterbating in the shower, but we only see him above the waste.

The story is well told and all the acting is superb. Whether you're a David Tennant fan or a Sarah Parish fan or not a fan of anyone in the movie, this movie is a MUST SEE!!!


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