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Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Sunday, November 25 2007, 22:22 GMT
By Dave West

David Tennant has been spotted apparently dating a young blonde woman who works as an assistant on Doctor Who.

Bethan Britton was seen emerging from the actor's Cardiff apartment, wearing his pyjamas, at 2am on Wednesday, The People reports. Tennant apparently stood in the doorway while she put a parking permit on her car and returned to him.

The report says Tennant met Britton on set at BBC South Wales, where she is a contracts assistant, earlier this year.

They were also seen together at a pub in the Cardiff area last week. An onlooker commented: "They sneaked in and sat in a corner, chatting quietly.

"They kept a low profile but were all over each other, holding hands and giggling like naughty teenagers. They make a lovely couple."

A source added of the relationship: "David has had relationships with actresses but their filming commitments always make it very hard. He loves the fact that Bethan has got a normal job but is still in the TV industry."

Tennant split up with actress Sophia Myles last month.

I guess this takes him out of the most eligible list. That was a short lived title. LOL

I think it's lovely if this works out for him. It seems like it may be better for him to be involved with a girl who's not an actess. Plus, since she's involved in the TV industry, she probably has a better understanding of what goes on in actors' lives involving their schedules, publicity, fans, etc.

I've read that some people have painted him as somewhat of a cad for 'dumping' Sophia Myles in a phone call. My take on it is, she left him behind for Hollywood. What else was he to do? Was he supposed to wait for her to decide to come back for him? Was he supposed to fly to the US to break it off even though she wasn't flying to the UK to see him? He's a single man who most likely wants someone he can be close with. He's 36 and, I suspect, getting to the age where he may want to consider marriage. I hope this is the girl for him.

No matter what anyone thinks of this development in his life, it is HIS life. He knows what he wants and needs. What the fans want for him is of no consequence. The best thing fans can do is be happy for him. Being happy for him is all I can do, especially since I'm never going to get my chance with him. :-p


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