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Thursday, December 13, 2007


I've seen David's birth name written both ways. On "Who Do You Think You Are?", his family name is shown on the family tree as McDonald. Paisley Grammar School has the spelling as MacDonald in the Grammarian. So, which spelling is right?

I used McDonald in my facts about David because I thought "Who Do You Think You Are?" would have their facts straight. It seems more likely the Grammarian misspelled his name. I could be wrong, but I can't imagine a TV show about genealogy getting the spelling wrong. Anyone dealing in genealogy tends to be very precise about the spelling of names. Also, David and his family would most likely make sure the spelling was correct before it aired.

If anyone knows more about the spelling, let me know.

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playwrite27 said...

I had done a fund raiser last year, in honour of Mr. Tennant's mum (and others), and was told off that I was mis-spelling "McDonald" incorrectly. I took the time to research it--obviously I would be appalled at mis-spelling Mrs. McDonald's name. I was directed to a genealogy page allegedly in regards to Mr. Tennant's family--tho' to be honest, I always have reservations about privacy invasion when I do something like that, and sure enough, it was McDonald, as far as I could tell-but, the FORMAL spelling of the name, clan-wise, is MacDonald, so technically they would use both, especially regarding clan tartans and such.

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