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Monday, December 10, 2007


This mini-series was originally shown in the UK in 2005. It was shown in three hour long parts. It stars the wonderful Peter O'Toole as the older Giacomo Casanova telling the story of his life, as shown in flashbacks, with David Tennant playing the younger Casanova. I don't know how much liberty the writer, Russell T. Davies, took with the story that's generally told, but who cares! It's a wonderful story!!!

This is not just the story of Casanova's sexcapades. It's also the story of his yearning and love for a woman who manages to be just out of his reach. It is told with both angst and a sense of humor. There are beautiful costumes and fantastic scenery as a backdrop to this story.

Even though we see Casanova having sex with a number of women, there isn't much nudity. Almost all of it is implied and nicely covered up by sheets and blankets and camera angles. (Darn it!) The only real nudity is when we see David naked from the back from rather far away. This scene is done very quickly, with a lot of shadowing, is very artistic and oh so sexy. I just wish it could be a bit closer up and last a bit longer. (I'm so bad.)

I can't say enough about how good David is. He is excellent in every single scene. It doesn't matter whether it's angst filled or funny. In the angst filled scenes, he has the most expressive eyes that pour out the loss he feels when he can't have the woman he loves. During the lighter moments, he has fantastic seen when he's confessing to a priest (THE FUNNIEST SCENE OF THE WHOLE PRODUCTION!!!).

This is both a fun and a heartbreaking story. You will need your box of kleenex for this one. Even though it will make you cry, it's well worth watching. And when you watch, you will fall in love with David Tennant.


meso said...

was already in love with david before casanova. i agree with you though, it is an absolutely fantastic show - with absolutely fantastic acting. and david just steals my soul away with his eyes

Natasha Game said...

He is just amazing. his voice is so heavenlly and his eyes... wow!

Natasha Game said...

by the way if anyone can get in contact with David Tennant I would love his autograph. my email address is please email me if you can get in touch with him then i'll give you my address to send his autograph to.

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