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Sunday, December 30, 2007


Doctor replaced by Rose & co

BBC bosses are so confident in Doctor Who that they are making an episode without him in it.

Instead, the Time Lord’s three female assistants – Rose, Martha and Donna – take the starring roles.

The shock twist comes after the Doctor, played by David Tennant, gets lost in space.

His faithful sidekicks – played by Billie Piper, Freema Agyeman and Catherine Tate – are left to take control of the Tardis as they battle to save the world from an alien invasion.

An insider on the show’s top-secret Cardiff set said: “The chemistry between the three assistants is electric. It is so strong that we realised the doctor could be in danger of getting in the way.

“So it is left to the girls to sort things out, having to save civilisation and the Doctor himself.”


Former assistants Billie, 25, and Freema, 28, will team up with the Doctor’s new companion Catherine, 39, for the one-off episode towards the end of the next series. It will be screened in March.

The insider added: “It is a bit of a gamble having Doctor Who without the Doctor – it has never been done before. But everyone is so interested in the different assistants that it should be fantastic.

“Donna, Martha and Rose are all competing for his attention in different ways and all want to be the best.

“But the question will be, can they work together?”

The Beeb are hoping for huge viewing figures for series four after the Christmas Special featuring Kylie Minogue pulled in 12.2million viewers.

But Tennant’s future remains uncertain. He is expected to quit after filming this series and three more specials. He recently said bosses had yet to offer him a new contract.

There usually is one episode a year that has very little of the Doctor....."Love and Monsters"and "Blink" being two of them. I never thought an episode would be made entirely without him. I'm thinking maybe he'll be in the very beginning and the very end.

My hopes of seeing the Doctor and Rose together again have been somewhat dashed after reading this and after hearing David say (in some interview I had seen somewhere) he hadn't done any scenes with Billie Piper. I have been so looking forward to a few Doctor/Rose scenes. I've been wanting to see how they react to seeing one another again. Darn, now I'm depressed.

This article was posted at The Sun on 12/28/07.


Anonymous said...

sorry i'm french.You are the best and i love doctor who. It's very difficult for speak hello for the actors of Doctor Who and great continuacion (It's english???)

Florine Dubreuil

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday (2 weeks later sorry)

Florine dubreuil

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