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Sunday, December 23, 2007


Next week is when it all happens. It's Christmas. Christmas. Christmas. Christmas. We all get excited then come out of the other side moaning that there was nothing on telly. It's always the same. Except, there are always good programmes on... you just have to look for them in among the repeats, the soaps and the rubbish.

And, dear readers, this is where we come in. We've trawled the schedules to find you the best bits. The bits that will make you laugh, cry, think and leave you feeling that television – yes, television – will be able to cure all the world's ills. Well, at least cure a hangover and bad bout of sprout-induced wind. Read on over the jump for the Top 10 Christmas programmes you cannot afford to miss.

1. Doctor Who – The Voyage Of The Damned, BBC One, Tuesday 25th December, 6.40pm
We've been looking forward to this for ages – a Titanic-style spaceship, Kylie, some evil angels and David Tennant looking rather cool and suave in a suit. Having watched the trailer, looks a bit like intergalactic Die Hard to me. Not to be missed.

2. Extras Christmas Special, BBC One, Thursday 27th December, 9pm
Another one that has stirred all and sundry, the Extras Christmas Special will be Gervais and Merchant on top form, with another slew of celebrity cameos. Clive Owen, George Michael, David Tennant and Gordon Ramsay are all down to appear, but it's more about what happens to Andy, Darren and the lovely Maggie.

3. The Shadow In The North, BBC One, Sunday 30th December, 8.55pm
So good was last year's adaptation of Philip Pullman's The Ruby In The Smoke, I cannot wait for this year's installment. Billie Piper is the perfect Sally Lockhart, and this year she takes on a Scandinavian villain and his super-weapon.

4. The Old Curiosity Shop, ITV1, Wednesday 26th December, 8pm
Another Dickens adaptation, but that's fine by us. An all-star cast (isn't there always when it comes to Dickens?), including Sir Derek Jacobi, star this two-hour Victorian grime-fest.

5. Richard Hammond Meets Evil Knievel, BBC Two, Sunday 23rd December, 9pm
Sadly, Evil died a short while back, so this could be his last ever TV interview. The ever-likeable Richard Hammond, meets his boyhood hero, chats about some of his greatest stunts and finds out what makes the great man tick.

6. When Joseph Met Maria, BBC One, Monday 24th December, 7pm
A one-off extravaganza featuring the winners of How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria? and Any Dream Will Do is a bit of a dream ticket – yes, that means a duet between Lee and Connie and more Marias and Josephs than you shake a technicoloured dreamcoat at.

7. Christmas At The Riviera, ITV1, Monday 24th December, 9pm
A good-looking cast (Reece Sheersmith, Warren Clarke, Anna Chancellor and Alexander Armstrong) make chaos at an English hotel. It's farce, it'll be quite amusing and it looks like the perfect sort of thing to switch-off to on Christmas Eve.

8. Carluccio And The Renaissance Cookbook, BBC Two, Thursday 27th December, 8pm
We see too little of Antonio Carluccio on the box these days, so it's a welcome return to the mushroom-picking Italian. He goes back to Italy with a Renaissance cookbook for company and follows in the footsteps of its 16th century author.

9. The Strictly Come Dancing Story, BBC One, Friday 28th December, 7pm
We all know that Strictly is the bees knees when it comes to primetime entertainment, but there was a time when it was rubbish. The original series of Come dancing dates back to 1948, and this one-off traces its story.

10. David Starkey's Monarchy: The Windsors, Channel 4, Wednesday 26th December. 8.30pm
I'm not sure what to think of David Starkey. He's a bit of a gob**** in my opinion, where as TV's other prominent historian, Simon Schama, is smooth and comforting. However, Starkey's passionate retrospective of the English monarchy is worth a watch, and now he's onto the final part of his journey... the Windsors.

WOW!!! Click on the picture and get a close up look at that kiss between the Doctor and Astrid!!! If only I could be her! Actually, I'd rather be Bethan Britton. :-D

It's great to see David is in the top two shows and Billie Piper is in the third spot. I wish I could see Billie play Sally Lockhart.

I'm beginning to think British TV is better than American TV. I certainly have been watching enough of their programming lately. Another plus is, they don't have a writers' strike. They have loads of new programming while we barely have anything new for the time being.

I found the article at TV Scoop. It was posted by paulhirons on December 21, 2007.


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