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Saturday, December 15, 2007



I don't know how to classify this six part 2004 UK TV series. It's a crime drama with a love story that breaks out into singing and dancing and it's TOTALLY absorbing. I've never seen anything else quite like it.

The main reason I watched this is because one of the stars is the wonderful David Tennant, of course. He plays Scottish (Yippee! We get to hear his Scottish accent!)DI Peter Carlisle, investigating the murder of a young man whose body is found in an arcade in Blackpool, England. While investigating, Carlisle falls in love with Natalie, the wife of his main suspect. That lucky woman!

Natalie is played by the lovely Sarah Parish. Natalie is a very good wife and mother who is taken for granted by her husband, Ripley. She is a shy and lonely woman who is frustrated with her life. It's interesting to watch Natalie's conflict when she falls in love with Peter and has trouble trying to do what is morally right and stay with her husband, but be so drawn to Peter. God knows I wouldn't be able to resist Peter.

Ripley Holden is played by the excellent David Morrissey. Ripley is a slime ball who cheats on his wife and does numerous illegal things so he can achieve his dream of making his newly opened arcade into a casino. The casino dream seems to be more important to him than his family. Ripley even looks like the kind of guy who would commit murder.

The singing and dancing scenes are totally different than anything I've seen in any other series or movie. The actors sing along with a song as it is playing. The series opens with "Viva Las Vegas" sung by Elvis Presley with Ripley singing along, as well as other people singing along, signifying the opening of Ripley's arcade. Some other songs are: "These Boots Were Made for Walking" sung by Nancy Sinatra, "The Gambler" sung by Kenny Rogers, "Should I Stay or Should I Go" sung by The Clash, and "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" sung by Queen. Even though the actors are not professional singers and dancers, the whole concept works. And, David has a pretty good voice!

The most romantic of these musical scenes takes place during a date between Peter and Natalie. The song is "Should I Stay" sung by Gabrielle. Peter starts singing it to Natalie, then she sings back to him. They end up dancing together as they sing in a dream sequence. If only I could have Peter sing to me like that.

One dance is notable in the fact that David messes up about two-thirds through the song. The song is "The Boy with the Thorn in His Side" by The Smiths. David sways the opposite way that everyone else is swaying then gets back in sync with them pretty quickly for the rest of the song. He really does pretty good at the dancing, though.

The best parts of this series (besides the love scenes between Peter and Natalie) is watching all the very sexy snacking done by David. I never knew I could be so jealous of an ice cream cone until I saw David lick one. He makes snacking seem like a sex act!!!

Unfortunately, this series is not available on DVD for the USA. BBC America has shown it as "Viva Blackpool" but it has some scenes cut out of it. So, the only way Americans can see this in its entirety is on YouTube.

I highly recommend "Blackpool" whether you're a rabid David Tennant fan, like me, or not. It's so totally entertaining you'll have a heard time tearing yourself away from your computer. And, if you're a David Tennant fan, you'll have to clean the drool off your keyboard. I GUARANTEE IT!!!


Amber said...

David Tennant is wonderful! :) I've been looking ALLLLL over for Blackpool and can't seem to find it on YouTube or Stage6 or any of those video sites. Do you have any idea where I could watch it!? Thank you!

Sharon Brown said...

Clicking here will take you to my playlist for Blackpool at YouTube. It's being uploaded by cassiekitty123 and isn't all there yet. I've been updating my playlist as she's been uploading the parts to the series.

coreylou said...

hello there! I stumbled upon your site while looking for someway to watch Blackpool online. Being in the States I can't just go out and rent/buy it. I clicked on your youtube link but it said that all of the videos were unavailable. Do you know how else or where else I might be able to find the series?

thanks for your help. and nice website. :)


Anonymous said...

It's killing me that I can't watch more than the first episode of Blackpool. It needs to be available in the states ASAP!

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